25 Best Manhwas to Read For Female Readers

In this post, I will be recommending the top 25 manhwas to Read with Female Protagonists.

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These manhwas are generally targeted toward female readers. They have a lot of romance, smut, and steamy moments. You won’t regret reading any of these manhwas.

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Let’s get started.

Best Romance Manhwa To Read

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

The story follows Lin Che who cooks up a scheme to get famous. However, the plan fails and she wakes up in a bed with Gu Jingze, a wealthy and handsome man. The next thing they know, they are married. Now, this is the story of Lin Che navigating high society, facing different schemes, and winning the heart of the male lead.

The story is just silly but silly good and cute which makes plaster a smile on your face most of the time. The art is good as well and the main character Lin Che’s expressions are just too cute.

Official Manhwa: Webnovel (for Novel as well)

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This witch of Mine Manhwa

This Witch of Mine

-Fantasy – Mystery – Romance – Drama – Seinen – Tragedy-

This manhwa is a good read. It tells a story about a witch named Phillipa and a human named Collin. Collin met Phillipa when he was a young boy and stays by her side as she wanders from one village to another. I really liked how the manhwa shows the true nature of people in the story. If you are looking for a light and short read, do give this sweet manhwa a try.

Official Raws: Webtoon or Bomtoon (Manhwa)

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manhwa- the reason why raeliana ended up at the duke's mansion

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion

-Drama – Comedy – Fantasy – Historical – Romance – Isekai – Mystery-

This manhwa is one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve ever read. It’s the perfect blend of romance, comedy, and mystery. Though there are cliches, I loved it. The whole aspect of the FL (Eunha/Raeliana) taming the ever smiling, ‘angel-faced demon’ ML (Duke Noah Wynknight) was interesting to watch. Their constant bickering, the people’s reactions to their PDA and the artist-nim’s awesome art was a plus. Absolutely worth recommending!

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

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I stan the prince manhwa

I Stan The Prince

-Drama – Comedy – Fantasy – Historical- Romance – Shoujo-

It is a really great manhwa with a rather interesting storyline. The plot is nicely blended with comedy and humour. I like the FL (Angela) a lot. She is a typical fangirl of the first Prince. She became famous for her fanfiction book which she wrote about the prince who is a very cold hearted person.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa)

flirting with the villain's dad

Flirting with The Villain’s Dad

-Drama – Comedy – Fantasy – Historical – Romance – Isekai-

First of all, I love the FL (Yerennica/Yenny) and her liveliness. She is a positive girl, a really, really positive one. Dying from a bus accident, she ends up transmigrating into a web novel she had read, into the body of the 2nd Princess of a small kingdom called Livovny. On top of that, she gets to know that the plot has yet to start since the protagonists are not even born. The art is so cute. What makes this manhwa great isn’t just Yenny’s positivity or the abilities of the ML, but also because the antagonist (Lady Elodia) actually has some brains. Just had to minus a star due to the slightest of the cliches. Sorry!

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

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Beast with Flowers

Beast With Flowers

-Historical – Isekai – Romance – Fantasy-

This starts off as a little boring but quickly manages to catch the interest of the readers. The FL (Hwayeon/Yeon) has been devastated in her previous life. She’s a little afraid of marrying again but she comes to love her new family very soon. Her family are a whole new level of daughter-con and sister-cons, which is both hilarious and moving. The ML (Moonyoung) is literally a bloodthirsty beast with no mercy but he falls for Yeon at first sight. It’s adorable to see him fumble around till he finds his path of love. Loved it~

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa)

I was tricked into this Fake Marriage

I Was Tricked into this Fake Marriage!

-Comedy – Historical – Isekai – Romance – Magic – Fantasy – Adventure-

Great plot? Check. Great art? Check. Hot ML? CHECK!! A super sexy ML (Delius) with a cute and lively FL (Leyrin). This manhwa starts off like any other with invasion, succession, and the FL running around searching for a partner for contract marriage for a year. Their interactions are damn cute. There’s a lot of fluff everywhere. Both of them are clumsy and in love for the first time. As a result, some funny misunderstandings ensue which, to me, makes their bond stronger. However, the story catches everyone off-guard as the plot thickens and the antagonist enters who is no less than a god!

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

Aideen manhwa


-Action – Romance – Josei – Drama – Tragedy-

The art! It is so so so beautiful. I can’t even describe it in words. To some extent, the art covers up for the deficiency in the storyline. However, I’d like how the author portrays the FL (Aideen) as a girl who gives it her all in whatever she does. She is intelligent, calm, composed, and loving to her friends as much as she is cold to outsiders. Despite dying at his hands, she extends a hand of cooperation towards the ML as she knows how to distinguish between her true enemies and her “forced by the circumstances” enemies.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

This Villainess wants a Divorce!

This Villainess Wants A Divorce!

-Historical – Romance – Isekai – Drama – Fantasy – Villainess

This is a light-hearted manhwa about childhood sweethearts-turned-lovers. The FL(Carnelia) is simple and quite slow in the romance department, you know, that girl who keeps misunderstanding things. Sometimes, it’s funny, sometimes, it’s annoying. The romance is good and sweet but I would also like to mention how the side characters are interesting and aren’t one-dimensional. On a side note, I want to mention that the ML(Caesar) is precious!

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

Beware of the Villianess! manga

Beware Of The Villainess!

-Historical – Romance – Isekai – Drama – Comedy – Villainess-

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

The Villainess turns the Hourglass

The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

-Historical – Romance – Drama – Time travel – Villainess

The FL is badass. I really loved her because it’s rare to see a ruthless FL who never fears to plan and strategize her ways just to achieve her aim. She made use of her knowledge of the future to the most and played with her opponents in her palms till they reached their limit of sanity. The author did a great job with her character. Above all, what I liked was that the FL is not some genius and know-it-all. She worked very hard to gather knowledge and failed many times. It makes her more approachable.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

Official translation: Webnovel(Novel)

The Flower That Was Bloomed By The Cloud

The Flower That Was Bloomed By The Cloud

-Drama – Romance – Fantasy – Historical- [Award winning]

Official Raws: Naver (Manhwa)

The Evil Lady’s Hero  manhwa

The Evil Lady’s Hero

-Drama – Romance – Fantasy – Isekai – Comedy – Historical – Villainess

The story is great. The art is great. The chemistry between the FL(Yunifer) and ML(Ishid) is great. And those abs… *slurp* Ahem, this manhwa is probably one of the best I’ve read. The story starts after a drunk FL and the black-bellied ML had an ONS. He appears to be a cute puppy but he is absolutely not one. Though Yunifer initially tried to typically break away from the plot by keeping the lead characters at bay, she finds herself gradually getting attached to Ishid’s supposed cuteness. The original-FL(Rael) in this manhwa is different from the typical stereotype of becoming a villainess. This story has so much potential in store. I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5 stars anytime.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

I'm Only a Stepmother, but My Daughter Is Just So Cute! Comic

I’m Only a Stepmother, but My Daughter Is Just So Cute!

-Comedy – Fantasy – Historical – Romance – Shoujo-

A stereotypical manhwa with all tropes present. However, I liked that the author portrayed what can possibly be happening behind the colorful and happy picture of our regular fairytales. It can be both fluffy and deep depending on which perspective one is looking from. I love the FL (Abigail) and her stepdaughter, Blanche’s interactions. Also, the experiences of both the FL and the original Abigail somehow coincide when we read how they’re both neglected and used by people around them. Saying more than this might become a spoiler, so just give it a go and see for yourself.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel), Amazon

Empress? Empress!  comics

Empress? Empress!

-Isekai – Romance – Drama – Historical – Fantasy – Villainess-

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

I Choose The Emperor Ending  webtoon

I Choose The Emperor Ending

-Historical – Romance – Drama – Gender Bender – Comedy- The plot is highly engrossing. The conversations between the FL(Rino aka Marina) with the ML(Edward) and the others are very funny. The idea about the FL doing the brainwork instead of the ML somehow makes me love this manhwa more. One of the must-read manhwas in my list which I’d like to recommend. It’s just that, the story felt a little draggy in the recent chapters. On a side note, the FL’s portrayal of her little brother as the villain of her novel was highly relatable to me lmao (cz ik siblings can be the most annoying haha).

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa)

The Villainess Lives Again

The Villainess Lives Again

-Magic – Romance – Fantasy – Historical – Time travel- Villainess

This manhwa is one of the best out there. The FL (Artezia) is one of the most cunning MCs I’ve ever read about. She is cold, she is calculating but she is loyal as f. Her grim childhood and her brother’s betrayal was something she digested silently but she swore to avenge herself. She felt guilty for what she did to the ML (Cedric) and decided to make him the Emperor. Yeah, a little stereotypical but great. I love strong FLs and she is certainly one.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

Caught by the villian manhwa

Caught By The Villain

-Romance – Isekai – Historical – Crossdressing-

A manhwa with quite a great gender-bender story with suspense in it. The plot is heart-touching when we see that the FL (Selena), in order to save her father, becomes a knight in place of her runaway brother, Celestine.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

Shadow Queen manga

Shadow Queen

-Drama – Romance – Time travel – Historical – Fantasy –

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

Ginger and the cursed Prince

Ginger and the Cursed Prince

-Comedy – Romance – Fantasy – Shoujo-

This manhwa has an amazing start with our badass FL (Ginger) kicking off a storm in her rival’s home. The development of her character is evident in how badly she wants to change the fate of the ML (Izana). Initially, she just wanted to seek revenge by seducing him but along the way, she realizes that she genuinely wants to make him happy and end his suffering. And, she is unpredictable. No one can say what she might do next as her mind is sometimes here, sometimes there. Also, I just wanted to mention the creativity of the author. There are hardly any cliches and probably nobody would get even 1% bored reading it (according to me). Highly recommended.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

Men of the Harem comic

Men of The Harem

-Romance – Fantasy – Historical – Drama – Magic – Reverse Harem-

Has a catchy plot. So what if she is betrayed? The FL (Latille) decides to have her own harem of super hot and super sexy men who are at her beck and call. Scumbag ex? Forget him! She’s happy with her harem and I’m happy imagining her to be me LOL. Jokes apart, I genuinely like this manhwa. The FL is a strong and independent woman who doesn’t care how the world views her. But she is kind and caring to the people who are close to her. A perfect blend of romance and plotting with a pinch of intrigue. So go get some popcorn and start reading it!

Official Raws: Naver (Manhwa), Naver (Novel)

Your Majesty, please spare me this time comic kakoa

Your Majesty, Please Spare Me This Time

-Romance – Fantasy – Historical – Drama – Time travel-

I have mixed feelings about this manhwa. To be completely honest, though the story is interesting, I don’t like the fact that the one who murdered the FL’s (Lariette) family is the one who is the ML (Rupert). Stockholm syndrome much? I don’t know but this concept feels a bit uncomfortable. Personally, I like the flow of the story, but…. Yeah, just think, would you like to date the guy who executed your family? Probably not. However, I still like the FL. She’s determined to protect her family and she can go to lengths for that. That is what made me give the story 3.5 stars.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

Master Villainess the invincible! Kakao manhwa

Master Villainess the Invincible!

-Romance – Fantasy – Historical – Drama – Time travel-

The manhwa begins at a crucial point where our FL (Haewon) is accused of poisoning the lover of her fiance, which, I reckon, everyone will find strange and common at the same time. Strange because how come taking action against the 3rd person (conveniently excluding the irony of killing) makes others condemn her and common because… it’s a familiar trope. From being an unsuccessful author of the romance genre to becoming the villainess in a martial arts novel, our FL has shown remarkable character development. She’s strong and determined but soft and lovable at the same time. Piss her off and she will kick your ass anytime!

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

The Way To Protect The Female Lead's Older Brother


-Romance – Drama – Fantasy – Psychological-

Probably, one of the best, if not the best, manhwas I have ever read. It’s so good that I, whose middle name is ‘impatient’, am now waiting every week for updates. First of all, the art is a chef’s kiss. Some manhwas have visually pleasing characters but fail to convey the right emotions that should be present at a specific scene but this manhwa nails it perfectly. Everything is so gorgeous, but underneath the beauty is this stinking ugliness of the family. But, what I love the most is the female lead. Her crimson eyes, at times, seductive and alluring, sometimes, ice-cold and indifferent. She’s such a well-written character that it’s so hard to predict what she will do. It’s so hard to even tell for sure who she is. What does she truly want?

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

I shall master this family

I Shall Master This Family

-Romance – Drama – Fantasy – Time travel – Isekai – Reincarnation – Historical-

Absolutely in love with this. I love both the FL (Firentia) and the ML (Perez). They are so cute and the art is too pretty for words! Though there can be some criticisms about the FL not acting her age during her previous lifetime, I think it’s not something that cannot be ignored. Especially FL’s father (Gallahan) kyaaa! He’s such a cutie. Since he’s the third child, it’s understandable why he keeps to the shadows. I like how intelligent she is and how she makes use of her brain at the correct time in the correct way. Although she returned to her childhood, she knows how to make use of her present means. That’s commendable.

Official Raws: Kakao (Manhwa), Kakao (Novel)

A Common Story of A Lady's New Life webtoon manhwa

A Common Story of a Lady’s New Life

-Comedy – Fantasy – Historical – Romance – Shoujo-

It’s quite a good read with a nice plot. The art is great and I’m in love with all the characters of this manhwa. The manhwa has romance and mystery as its base with a little bit of comedy as its cherry on top.

Official Raws: Webtoon (Manhwa)

Thanks for Reading. Do Comment Your Favorite Manhwa.

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