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B*stard Webtoon Review [Spoiler Free]

A breath-taking, heart-chilling, and mind-blowing thriller! This is a unique webtoon that manages to pique its readers’ interest and lets them enter a darker or perhaps a hidden story in our society that we normally don’t see.

B*stard Information:

Bastard Webtoon Cover

Novel Name: B*stard

Korean Name: 후레자식

Genre: Thriller, Romance

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Author: Carnby Kim

Artist: Youngchan Hwang

Status: Chapter 92 and an Epilogue (Completed)

Official Links: Webtoon; Naver

Fun Fact: The author and artist of this webtoon are also the ones who created the webtoon called Sweet Home.

Sypnosis from Webtoon:
There is a serial killer in my house!

B*stard Review:


The world of this webtoon is the same as the world we currently live in—although some readers might argue or think that it can be an alternative world much darker than our own as it tackles and shows things that are not usually easily seen by us in our daily lives. Meanwhile, the country this all took place in is Korea, vaguely portraying some of its culture and its educational and political systems.

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Honestly, I find the settings good (albeit it being somewhat typical) because it gives its readers some sense of familiarity. So, the author immediately goes to the point of who the characters are and what’s happening in their lives. Moreover, they also use the potential their setting has because they make the readers think about different what-ifs (such as “what if there are more dirty secrets and stories like this that we do not know yet?”).

bastard webtoon characters

Characters & Plot:

Of course, the characters having both negative and positive traits also have its pros and cons. One of its pros is that even the characters we first hate (such as the serial killer, etc.) can have some redeeming qualities that we, readers, might end up liking them for. While, the cons of this, on the other hand, is that there are times when even our favorite characters might end up looking unreasonable or perhaps annoying in some situations.

The plot itself is also so intricate and creative in a way that it does not overshadow or contradicts the characteristics of this webtoon’s characters. Instead, it does the opposite. The plot provides reasoning as well as backgrounds as to why the characters develop the traits they now have or why they act in a certain manner in a specific situation—things like that. Often time, people find it hard to find the perfect balance of giving backstories or facts about their characters. If they give too much information, their readers can become confused and just gain unnecessary information. Meanwhile, if they give the readers too little information, it can also make the story look random or somewhat nonsensical. However, the delivery of the story of this webtoon and the unraveling of its plot is smooth. Moreover, the pace of how the plot twists are shown also brings a lot of impacts to its readers.

Bastard webtoon art style

Art Style:

The art style of this series is great. The dark colors and remarkable drawings of its artist helps a lot in narrating the story and giving its readers the feeling or emotion that the author wanted to convey without using descriptive words. In some parts of the story, the artist and author opted to use this art style to draw the character’s action or expression in a way that doesn’t seem to be humanly possible. To some stories, it might end up making the webtoon look weird. However, that kind of art style fits perfectly to the context of this story and makes you feel strong emotions as though you were in the story itself. And although some of those scenes are obviously exaggerated, once you try to put yourself in those characters’ place, you’ll understand that what they are seeing was right in a way and that what is in front of them is indeed no different from a grotesque caricature.

In Conclusion:

Overall, the webtoon, B*stard is easily one of the best thrillers there is from the way the story itself was written and drawn. It will leave you satisfied with its well-thought ending while also longing for more because it’s too good to end. Moreover, this webtoon is not just a one-time read. Instead, it is one of those stories that makes you want to re-read over and over again. So, you will definitely not regret reading this.

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