Six Most Heartwarming Father-Daughter Manhwas

Fluffy Father Daughter Manhwas Recommendations

Father daughter manhwa full of sweetness and cuteness

Hey there! Do you love fluffy things? Do you prefer stories with family relations to other genres? After a whole day filled with hectic schedules, reading some cute father and daughter manhwas are really excellent for relieving stress. Here are some very interesting manhwas which I’d like to recommend to you all.

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1. Who Made Me A Princess

father daughter manhwa | comic | webtoon | manga | who made me a princess | tappytoon

Alternative: 어느 날 공주가 되어버렸다

Author: Plutus

Artist: Spoon

Raw: Here

Official English: TappyToon

Undoubtedly, this father and daughter manhwa tops my list. Whether it’s the MC’s cuteness or her dad’s handsomeness, all are exceptional. Adding with the beautiful art, this manhwa’s satisfaction rate is off the charts.

One day, the MC, who was originally a poor orphan opens her eyes to become an infant thrown to the maids for upbringing. She gradually realizes that she has become the unfortunate Princess Athanasia De Alger Obelia who was executed by her own father mercilessly at the age of 18. The story follows Athy, as the MC calls herself, meets her father and gradually develops a close and loving relationship with him.

But things go crazy when the antagonist enters the scenario. The happy pair of father and daughter go through many trials and tribulations which test their affection.

The manhwa is ongoing, and we have yet to see how Athy overcomes the hurdles and finally defeats her enemies.

2. Daughter Of The Emperor

father daughter manhwas | comic | webtoon |  daughter of the Emperor| tappytoon

Alternative: 황제의 외동딸

Author: Yunsul

Artist: RINO

Raw: Here

Official English: TappyToon

This father and daughter manhwa shows how the bloodthirsty Emperor Caitel comes to dote on his cute daughter, Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent.

The MC was a normal person from modern-day Korea who was murdered for an unknown reason and ends up reincarnating as the sole daughter of the tyrant Emperor. Her father tries to kill her but she is spared as she piques his interest. Days go by as Princess Ariadna grows up and befriends several people.

But in a desire to see the world outside the palace walls, the MC escapes incognito with her royal bodyguard. Everything goes well when suddenly the MC gets kidnapped. Her father protects her at the cost of his life. Will Ariadna be able to save her beloved father? Or will she succumb to her fate and become a curse to her father?

3. The Adventures of a Demon Lord’s Daughter

father daughter manhwas | comic | webtoon | I was born as the demon lord's daughter | tappytoon

Alternative: 마왕의 딸로 태어났습니다

Author: Yeowool

Artist: Eunbin, Inballo, garamgee

Raw: Here

Official English: TappyToon

This story starts with the MC’s tragic college life. In an effort to escape from her abusive aunt, Jo Ara(MC) runs out into the road and gets hit by a car.

She is reincarnated as the only child of God’s favored Holy Knight, Saein, and the Demon Lord of the South, Perjunel Dion Karaben. Her name is Perjunel Nelos Irene. She grows up under the joint protection of her deceased mother’s guardian angels and her father’s demon assistant. But there are still unsolved mysteries that lie ahead. Such as… Who is the mysterious lady who appears in Irene’s dream?

4. The Beloved Little Princess

father daughter manhwas | youngest princess | webtoon | comic | tappytoon

Alternative: 막내 황녀님

Author: Saha

Artist: Doldae

Raw: Here

Official English: TappyToon

What happens when the most powerful archmage reincarnates as the third princess of the Hyperion Empire? Read about the talented magician’s journey as the daughter of the Emperor of an Empire called Hyperion in this manhwa.

Princess Enisha Rodgo Hyperion is the third child of the Emperor. She is said to bring endless glory to the empire. The doting father and her elder twin brothers spare no effort to adore Enisha’s cuteness.

Will she really be able to glorify her nation? Will she be able to find the culprit who lead to her death and reincarnation?

5. Monster Duke’s Daughter

monster duke's daughter | father daughter manhwas| webtoon | comic | tappytoon

Alternative: 괴물공작의 딸

Author: kds9120

Artist: kds9120

Raw: Here

Official English: N/A

When Lotilucia, who was kept away from the outside world meets her father, the ‘monster duke’, Damian Frodium, she decides to avoid him like the plague as he seems to dislike her.

However, they come face to face when Lotilucia discovers a book in her father’s study which predicts her fate and sudden demise at the tender age of 10 followed by her father adopting a girl and treating her much better than his biological daughter.

What exactly is that book? Why does her father have it? And does her father really hate her? Read this manhwa to know more about Lottie and her life.

6. Am I The Daughter?

Am I the daughter? father daughter manhwas | comic | webtoon

Alternative: 내가 딸이에요?

Author: Plow

Artist: Lee Young You

Raw: Here

Official English: N/A

Hailynn is reborn on the day when her nightmarish days of torture began. Her adoptive father, Count Zachary abused her and kept her locked away in a house surrounded by nothing but fields. She was promised freedom on her 18th birthday, but she ends up dying from a sudden fire and traveling back to her 7-year-old self.

To rescue herself from his clutches, Hailynn rushes outside the carriage and encounters a little boy and a man with blonde hair just like her. People around them suspect her being his daughter but the man adamantly denies it. What is his relationship with Hailynn? Can the innocent Hailynn conquer the cold-hearted man?

Bonus Recommendation: Beauty and the Beast

Do you guys have some suggestions too? What are your favorite father-daughter manhwas? Do tell me if you have. I’d love to hear from you. Sincerely, Anais (⌒‿⌒)

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