My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires: Is It Worth Reading?

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires is a web novel that has gained a lot of popularity on with over 12 million views and 600 chapters. The story revolves around a young man named Victor, who becomes a vampire and is married to three beautiful vampire women. In this review, we will discuss the good and bad aspects of the novel.

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The Good:

The characters in the novel are diverse and have different personalities, with some of them challenging the usual harem novel stereotypes. The main character, Victor, goes through a transformation where he gains strength and power. His three wives, Violet Snow, Sasha Fulger, and Ruby Scarlett, each have their unique characteristics, and the story includes other wives as well. The author has done a good job in his timing of revealing the female leads. Each character is well written with details, hence revealing those details by introducing one character at a time deepened the imagination and makes it easier to read smoothly.

The interactions between Victor and his wives are finely written. The romance between Victor and his wives is well-written and does not feel forced. The romance is sweet and can give diabetes.

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As the story progresses, Victor’s wives help him to grow stronger and fight against various villains. With the support of his wives and their unique abilities, Victor becomes a formidable opponent, despite being a newly turned vampire. The novel turns into an exciting, action-packed series that explores the relationships and adventures of Victor and his wives. By the end of the series, readers will find themselves rooting for Victor and his wives to stay together.

The power dynamic between the vampires, witches, werewolf, Inquisition, etc brings more richness to the story. The author has done a good job of revealing them slowly. He doesn’t just dump the information at once but lets the plot develop and reveals the details slowly.

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The Bad:

Firstly, the plot pace seems fast. It can be difficult to keep up with the events that unfold, and some readers may feel as though they are missing important information. Furthermore, there is no guilt in killing Victor, even though it has only been a few hours since he was turned into a vampire. He casually kills robbers with ease, which may come off as insensitive or cruel to some readers. While the author does address this later on, the initial lack of remorse can be off-putting.

Secondly, the characterization of the main character, Victor, can be inconsistent. For example, he is assimilated into vampire affairs after just a few hours of being turned into a vampire. This seems too fast and unrealistic. Additionally, Victor’s overconfidence when he is just a newborn vampire seems out of character, and his engagement in a fight with The Inquisition without any information about them is illogical. For instance, his bully turned out to be a vampire. He should have collected information before engaging in the fight. Why? Because he just became a vampire a few hours ago. The whole basketball competition chapter was so cringed!!

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Thirdly, the portrayal of some characters felt unrealistic. Victor’s parents, for example, ignore the fact that their son has become way taller and has a pale body, and only care about buying fireworks because he got laid (also ignoring the fact that whether their son can get laid due to his weak body which the author mentions in every chapter). Additionally, the mother’s behavior is inconsistent, and the author’s obsession with height in centimeters can be annoying and distracting. Centimeters are everywhere.

Lastly, the writing style itself can be a turn-off for some readers. The author’s use of “neutral” words like neutral eyes, neutral happy voice, etc can make it difficult to connect with the characters and understand their emotions. Furthermore, the novel’s pacing and structure can be confusing at times, making it difficult to keep track of the events as they unfold.

And this all happened in the first ten chapters.

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In conclusion, My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires is a novel that has its flaws but is an enjoyable read. The novel’s unique take on the vampire genre, engaging plot, and well-written action scenes and romance make it a must-read for fans of the fantasy and romance genres. However, the overwhelming harem element of the story, the one-dimensional characters, the fast pacing, and the lack of engaging dialogue may make it challenging for some readers to maintain interest. Overall, the novel is worth reading, but readers should be aware of its drawbacks.

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