Reverend Insanity Review: The Best Web Novel Ever

Reverend Insanity, AKA Gu Daoist Master, follows the story of a ruthless, chaotic neutral Fang Yuan, the main character who doesn’t have compassion for anyone, not even for himself. He travels back in time thanks to a mysterious ‘Gu’ for which he makes enemies with the world.

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Fang Yuan will stop at nothing to achieve breakthroughs in his cultivation. He is an old demon (figuratively) part of the Devil Path and came back to his young body when he traveled back in time. He was 500 years old before that, and in this new life, he still acts his age and not like some teenager.

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World Development:

The Gu world is the charm of this novel, it’s the perfect wuxia world every web novel is trying to paint but, only reverend insanity has managed to do that. Reverend Insanity sets itself apart from most wuxia novels by solving the escalation problem.

It’s when the main character thinks he has defeated his strongest enemy, a new and powerful one shows up. In Reverend Insanity, we know of the most powerful ones, the venerable and we know of Ren Zu (a recurrent historic figure in the world). It is clear who the strongest characters are and what we can expect of them, with only 10 beings somewhat unknown. Also, we have a clear structure of how strong the characters can get, there are only 9 ranks, from 1 to 9, but nothing beyond those. There is no such thing as a multiverse-scale threat. This is a far more balanced and fair system than anything we have seen in most web novels. So you can be sure there will be no Ex-Machina or plot armor.

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Story Development:

The plot is well thought out. Our main character has only one cheat and it is to go back in time — he more or less reverts to a previous save point —, but not always capable of doing so. Otherwise, he only has C talent, some of the lowest talents out there, he suffered and fought through 500 years of the demonic path to get to where he is now. Compared to many other powerful beings, he is just a minor character, yet he still accomplished so much that many of them couldn’t.

In Reverend Insanity, there are no tropes classic to the wuxia genre, like face slapping, unwarranted powerups, jade beauties, or annoying young masters.

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Character Development:

The main character had his first life in the Gu world. He is cunning, cold, and brutal in his acts. He has clear and unattainable goals and is willing to sacrifice everything for them. He knows humans in and out and can manipulate them as he wishes.

He never changes, doesn’t have any interest in a harem, and doesn’t let emotions get in the way of his goals. For him death is only part of the journey, he takes risks, plans for the coming future kills whenever he finds it necessary, isn’t bound by any honor, fame, or shame and he achieves most of his goals through hard work and trickery.

He does not get overpowered very fast, the pacing is very nice. He doesn’t change throughout the story and becomes a danger to the world. It’s his flexibility in any situation and actions that are devoid of any emotions as well as his cunning and scheming mind that makes him so great of a character. All his behaviors are far more realistic and truly evil than most other MCs from other novels. He’s not being evil for sake of it, He’s being evil to achieve his goals and desires, which would otherwise be unachievable by playing the good guy.

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The negative for this though, is that for some readers, the main character can be ruthless to the point where you realize he has little to no personality. All he cares for is eternal life, that’s all. In the beginning, it was entertaining to see how he’ll do anything to achieve that goal but, that edginess becomes repetitive and boring to read as the story progresses. But then again for some readers, that’s what makes Reverend Insanity so unique. (I am one of those readers)

The others characters are very memorable and are fleshed out and described, detailed, and given a voice even when some of them die within the same chapter they were introduced. Many of these other characters can be MCs in their own right. Fang Yuan is our MC because of the Gu he possesses, but some characters like Spectral Soul Demon Venerable are even more extreme in all aspects, he outstrips our main character in nearly every Gu path, he committed way, more evil, and atrocities.

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Power System:

At the start of the novel, there was a unique power system — or in our case cultivation system — that uses fragments of the Dao. If you can combine these fragments, you create destructive moves, formations, and even Gu Houses.

It is a flexible magic system and much variable. Gus is these little insects that are difficult to obtain, evolve, and create. Not only that, but you will also need to feed and take care of them. Some of them need strange foods like the heart of a woman, and others need more rare, and difficult materials to obtain.

Every Gu has a weakness that can be countered. So there is no absolute or most-powerful Gu in this world. Gus is sometimes just concepts — like Wisdom, Love, space, etc — rather than something rigid and specific like “Sword finger” or “Air scape” leaving the characters to put together any move they want.

The Gu system is easily one of the better magic systems within the wuxia genre. It has plenty of variety, and adaptability, and is taken in unique directions. But then the MC switches over to exclusively using strength gu so all the battles are just punching things, it got much less interesting. All the fights in the first arc were very much dynamic and interesting to read, but exchanging all the cool and magical fights for kicking and punching everyone to death was a major disappointment.

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If you’re one of those readers who grew tired of the supposed evil main character and their biased attitude towards girls and lessening of evil behavior as the story progresses,

If you are not a fan of their ridiculous power systems, their attacks have words in them that aren’t even relevant to the attack, and all of them were isekai’d into a new world and they always had like a ghost mentor to show them the ropes of this new world.

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Reverend Insanity is none of that, it’s a unique take on the wuxia genre.

No new reader should ever start with this novel on their first journey into the wuxia genre.

It would set the bar way too high for any other web novel to even have a chance of coming close. Most of the other web novels will look like teenage fanfiction in front of it.

Reverend Insanity is not a novel for readers that love saviors, family relationships, romantic sub-plots, and loyal friends. Neither it is for people who like the main character who always has to defend his pride; this main character doesn’t care about pride, he instead put forward wit and logic.

This is a masterpiece that will ruin your enjoyment of any other web novel. You have to at least read the top web novels before going for this gem.

Reverend Insanity Chapter 1

The following Chapters are added here with the Permission of Webnovel

Chapter 1: The heart of a demon never has regret even in death

“Fang Yuan, quietly hand over the Spring Autumn Cicada and I’ll give you a quick death!”

“Old bastard Fang, stop attempting to resist anymore, today all of the major factions of justice have combined together just to destroy your devil lair. This place is already covered in inescapable nets, this time you will definitely be decapitated!”

“Fang Yuan you damn demon, just because you wanted to cultivate the Spring Autumn Cicada, you’ve gone and killed thousands of people. You’ve committed too many unforgivable, heinous sins!”

“Demon, 300 years ago you insulted me, took away my body’s purity, killed my entire family and executed my nine generations. From that moment onwards, I hated you with a burning passion! Today, I want you to die!”

Fang Yuan was in deep green robes that had been torn to shreds. His hair was disheveled and his entire body was covered in blood. He looked around.

The bloody robes waved lightly in the mountain breeze like a war flag.

Fresh blood flowed from the numerous wounds on the body. Just by standing there for a short while, Fang Yuan had already accumulated a large pool of blood beneath his feet.

Enemies surrounded him all around; there was already no way out.

It was a foregone conclusion that he would die here.

Fang Yuan understood his situation clearly, but even in the face of death his expression did not change, it was calm.

His gaze was limpid, his eyes like deep pools of water in a well, so deep that there seemed to be no end.

The major factions of justice that had surrounded him were not just the experienced elders, but also young and talented heroes. Around the heavily surrounded Fang Yuan, some were roaring, some were sneering; there were eyes that were gleaming with light, some holding onto their wounds while looking on fearfully.

They did not move; everyone was wary of Fang Yuan’s final attack.

For six hours, this tense moment went on until the evening came, the sun casting its rays upon the side of the mountain. In that moment, it was as if the place was on fire.

Fang Yuan, who had been silent as a sculpture the entire time, slowly turned his body.

The group of warriors was suddenly alerted and they all took a big step backwards.

By now the gray mountain rock beneath Fang Yuan’s feet had long been stained a deep red. Due to the massive loss of blood, his face had become deathly pale; in the afterglow of the sunset, it suddenly had a brilliant luster upon it.

Looking at the setting sun, Fang Yuan lightly laughed. “The sun sets above the blue mountain, the autumn moon with the wind of spring. The morning is fine like hair and night is like snow, whether you succeed or fail when you look back there’s nothing left.”

As he said this, memories of his previous life on Earth emerged before his eyes.

He was originally a Chinese scholar on Earth who chanced upon this world. He endured a hard life for 300 years and went through another 200 years; over 500 years of his life flew by in the blink of an eye.

So many memories that were buried deep inside the heart begun to relive themselves, sprouting into life before his eyes.

“I failed in the end.” Fang Yuan sighed in his heart emotionally, yet there were no regrets.

This end result was something he had foreseen. When he made his decision in the beginning, he had prepared himself for this.

To be a demon is to be merciless and cruel, a murderer and destroyer. There is no place in heaven or earth for such a thing—turning into an enemy to the world, still having to face the consequences.

“If the Spring Autumn Cicada that I have just cultivated is effective, I shall still be a demon in my next life!” With this thought, Fang Yuan couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

“Wicked demon, what are you laughing about?”

“Be careful everyone, the demon is going to attack before his final moments!”

“Hurry up and surrender the Spring Autumn Cicada!!”

The group of warlords surged forward; at this moment, with a loud bang, Fang Yuan was engulfed in a blinding surge of energy.

The spring rain quietly rained down on Qing Mao Mountain.

It was already late in the night, a slight breeze blowing with the light rain.

Yet Qing Mao Mountain was not covered in darkness; from the side down to the foot of the mountain, dozens of tiny lights shone like a bright band.

These lights shone from tall buildings, even though it could not be said to match up to ten thousand lights, yet it was still a few thousand in number.

Situated on the mountain was Gu Yue 1  Village, giving the vast lonely mountain a rich touch of human civilization.

In the middle of the Gu Yue Village was a magnificent pavilion. A grand ceremony was being held at this moment, and the lights were even brighter than ever, radiating with glory.

“Ancestors, please bless us! We pray that this ceremony will bring many young men of outstanding talent and intelligence, bringing their families new blood and hopes!” The head of the Gu Yue clan had a middle-aged appearance, his sideburns were graying and he was clothed in ceremonial white robes, kneeling on the brownish yellow floor. His body was straight with his hands held together, eyes tightly shut as he prayed sincerely.

He was facing a tall black case; there were three layers on the case, all housing memorial tablets of ancestors. On both sides of the tablets was copper incense, the smoke rising.

Behind him were over 10 people kneeling in a similar fashion as him. They wore loose white ceremonial garments, and were all the clan’s elders, important members, and those who had much authority.

After the prayers, the Gu Yue clan head bent his waist with his two hands pressing against the floor and kowtowed. As his forehead struck the brownish yellow floor, light thuds could be heard.

Behind him, the elders and important clan members solemnly and quietly followed suit.

With this, the hall was filled with light thuds as the heads knocked against the floor.

When the ceremony was over, the crowd of people slowly got up from the ground and silently walked out of the sacred temple.

In the hallway, sighs of relief were heard from the crowd of elders and the atmosphere loosened up. The noise of discussion slowly rose.

“Time flies too quickly, in the blink of an eye, a year has gone by.”

“The previous ceremony feels like it just happened yesterday, I can still recall it vividly.”

“Tomorrow is the beginning of the annual grand ceremony, I wonder what new blood will show up this year for the clan?”

“Ah, I hope that some highly talented youths will appear. The Gu Yue clan hasn’t seen a genius emerge for three years now.”

“Agreed. The Bai Village, Xiong Village these few years all had some talented geniuses appear. Especially that Bai Ning Bing from the Bai clan, his natural talent is quite terrifying.”

It was unclear who had brought up the name Bai Ning Bing, but the faces of the elders started to show worry.

The boy’s qualifications were splendid; in just a short period of two years worth of training, he had already reached the level of a level three Gu Master.

Among the younger generation, he could be said to be the most outstanding one. It was to the point that even the older generation could feel pressured from the promising youth.

In time, he would inevitably become the pillar of the Bai clan. At the very least he would also be an independently strong warrior. No one ever doubted this fact.

“But for this year’s youths that will be participating in the ceremony, not all hope is lost.”

“You’re right, Fang Zhi’s side has appeared a young genius. Able to start talking after three months, able to walk after four. At five years of age he was able to recite poetry, seems exceptionally intelligent, especially talented. What a pity that his parents died early, now he is being raised by his uncle and aunt.”

“Yes, this one has wisdom at a young age, also harboring big ambitions. In recent years I have heard his creations ‘Jiang Jing Jiu’, ‘Yong Mei’ and ‘Jiang Cheng Zi’, what a genius!”

The Gu Yue clan head was the last to walk out of the ancestral temple. After slowly closing the door, he heard the discussions that were going on in the corridor among the clan elders.

He knew at once that the elders were discussing about the youth known as Gu Yue Fang Yuan at that moment.

As the head of the clan, it is natural to pay attention to the outstanding and prominent young ones. And it so happens that Gu Yue Fang Yuan was the most eye-catching one amongst the juniors.

Experience has shown that those who have photographic memory at a young age, or those who possess strength that could rival an adult, or had other great inborn talents, all had outstanding cultivation qualifications.

If this child shows A grade potential, with great care he could even compete against Bai Ning Bing. Even if it is B grade, in future he could also become a banner of the Gu Yue Clan. But with this sort of early intelligence, the chances of B grade isn’t that high, and it’s highly possible to be an A grade.  With this thought, the Gu Yue clan head curled his lips slowly into a smile.

At once, with a cough he faced the clan elders and said, “Everyone, it’s late. All of you should rest well tonight for tomorrow’s opening ceremony so as to ensure sufficient energy levels.”

At his words, the elders looked startled. They looked at each other with a hint of caution in their eyes.

The clan head’s words meant well, but everyone knew what he was aiming to convey.

Every year to compete for these young geniuses, the elders would fight among themselves to the point of reddened ears and bleeding heads.

They needed to stay well rested and replenish themselves until tomorrow comes where the competition begins.

Especially with that Gu Yue Fang Yuan, whose A grade potential was extremely huge. Not counting the fact that both his parents were deceased, and also that he was one of the two only descendants of Fang Zhi’s bloodline left. If one was able to get their hands on and bring him into their own family line, with great care and training, one could secure himself a hundred years of prosperity!

“However, I’m going to go ahead and say what needs to be said first. When you compete, do it fair and square; no tricks and conspiracies are allowed, or damage to the clan’s unity. Please keep this in mind, all of you!” the clan head strictly instructed.

“We wouldn’t dare, we wouldn’t dare.”

“We’ll keep it in mind.”

“Then I shall bid you goodnight, please take care.”

The clan elders slowly dispersed with deep thoughts.

Not long after that, the long corridor became quiet. The wind from the spring rain breezed through the window, and the clan head lightly walked towards the window.

Immediately, he breathed in the fresh moist air of the mountain, how refreshing it felt.

This was the third floor of the garret; the clan head looked out of the window. He could see half of the entire Gu Yue Village.

Even if it was late in the night, most of the homes in the village still had lights on, which was unusual.

Tomorrow was the opening ceremony, and it affected everyone’s best interests. A kind of excited yet tense atmosphere had enveloped the hearts of the people of the clan, and thus naturally many people couldn’t sleep well.

“This is the hopes for the clan’s future.” With the many lights dancing in his eyes, the clan head sighed.

At the very same moment, a pair of clear eyes quietly looked at the same lights sparkling in the night, full of complex feelings inside.

“Gu Yue Village, this is 500 years ago?! Looks like the Spring Autumn Cicada really worked…” Fang Yuan quietly gazed, standing by the window, letting the rain from the wind hit his body.

The use of the Spring Autumn Cicada was to reverse time. In the Ten Big Mystical Gu rankings, the Spring Autumn Cicada managed to be ranked seven; naturally it was no mere creature.

In short, it was the ability to be reborn.

“With the use of the Spring Autumn Cicada I have been reborn, going back to the time of 500 years ago!” Fang Yuan stretched out his hand, his sight fixated on his own young and soft, pale palms, then slowly clenched them, embracing the truth of this reality with all his might.

The sound of the drizzling rain hitting softly against the window sill filling his ears, he slowly closed his eyes, opening them after a long while. He said with a sigh, “500 years of experience, it really feels like a dream.”

But he knew it clearly: This was definitely not a dream.

Reverend Insanity Chapter 2

The following Chapters are added here with the Permission of Webnovel

Chapter 2: Going back in time with 500 years of knowledge

It was said in legend that a river of time existed in this world. It supported the world’s time flow and circulation. And by using the Spring Autumn Cicada’s power, one could travel back upstream and return to the past.

There had been much conflicting opinion on this mythical tale. Many did not believe in it, and some were skeptical to the truth.

Few people actually dared to believe it.

Because every time one used the Spring Autumn Cicada, one had to pay with their life, letting their entire body and cultivation be the driving force to use its very power.

Such a price was just too great, and the thing that people just couldn’t accept was the fact that after paying with one’s life, one didn’t even know what the outcome would be.

So even if someone had the Spring Autumn Cicada, they wouldn’t dare use it so indiscriminately. What if the rumors were fake, and if it was just a scam?

If Fang Yuan were not cornered into such a state, he wouldn’t have used it so hurriedly either. But now, Fang Yuan was thoroughly convinced—the reality of the truth had been laid before his eyes and there was no denying it. He had really been reborn!

It’s just a pity… From the start I had wasted an absurd amount of effort, killing hundreds of thousands of people, making even the heavens furious and attracting the vengeance of people. I went through suffering and multiple hardships to finally attain and refine this good Gu…  Fang Yuan thought with a sigh. Even though he had been reborn, the Spring Autumn Cicada didn’t come with him.

Humans were the greatest among thousands of creatures; but Gu were the essence of heaven and earth.

Gu came in thousands of shapes and sizes of strange and mysterious variety—there were too many to count. Some Gu after being used once, twice or even thrice would completely dissipate. And some Gu could be reused again and again as long as it wasn’t used over its limits.

That said, it was probable that the Spring Autumn Cicada was one of those types that could only be used once before disappearing for good.

“But even if its gone, I can still refine another. I have done it in my previous life, why can’t I do it in this life?” After the thoughts of pity were put aside, Fang Yuan’s heart burst forth ambitious and determined feelings.

To be able to be reborn made the loss of the Spring Autumn Cicada entirely acceptable.

Not to mention he had something precious with him, so it’s not like he had lost everything.

This precious treasure was his 500 years worth of memories and experience.

In his memories were a multitude of all kinds of treasures and precious items that no one had opened yet in this time. He could easily grasp all the big events and incidents by the veins of history. There were a countless number of figures: some predecessors of hidden levels; some geniuses, and some were not even born yet. Also in those 500 years were memories of painstaking cultivation and rich combat experience.

With all these memories and experiences, he had undeniably grasped the overall situation and upcoming opportunities. With good planning and execution, he could empower the situation with great fierceness and elegance. It was not a problem now that he could take a step ahead of others, breaking the higher boundaries!

“So how do I go about this hmmm…” Fang Yuan was incredibly sensible. He collected himself together and faced the night rain outside the window, pondering. With this thought, things started to feel complicated. After thinking for a moment, his brows wrinkled deeper.

500 years of time was a rather long period. Ignoring those long muddled memories that couldn’t be recalled, even remembering the hidden locations of treasures or special encounters of people was demanding, but the main issue was that the locations were separated among a long distance and had to be accessed or visited at certain periods of time.

“The most important thing is cultivation. The present me has not even opened my Primeval Sea, hasn’t stepped on the path to be a Gu Master. I’m just a mortal! I have to hurry and cultivate, catching up to history and seize the opportunities with the best advantage.”

Not to forget, many of these hidden locations of treasures were useless without proper foundation. Instead it would just be walking into a wolf’s den, looking for death.

The problem in front of Fang Yuan right now was cultivation.

He had to increase the level of his foundation as fast as possible. If he were slow like his previous life, he would just be too late.

“To cultivate as fast as possible, I would have to borrow the resources from the clan. With the state I am right now, I have no power or ability to travel back and forth across the dangerous mountains. Even an ordinary mountain boar can take my life. If I can reach the cultivation of a Third level Gu Master, I’d have the means to protect myself and leave the mountain.”

Through the eyes of a 500-year-old person who had cultivated in the demonic path, Qing Mao Mountain was just way too small, Gu Yue Village even felt like a cage.

But while the cage restricted freedom, the sturdy bars of the cage also brought about a certain kind of safety.

“Hmm, in this short period of time, I’ll just stay in this cage. As long as I can reach Third level Gu Master, I can leave this poor mountain. Luckily tomorrow is the Awakening Ceremony, I’ll be able to start training as a Gu Master soon after.”

When he thought about the Awakening Ceremony, old memories that had long been buried away in his heart resurfaced themselves.

“Talent huh…” He sneered, his gaze focused out the window.

At this moment, the door to his room was lightly pushed open and a young teenager walked in.

“Brother, why are you standing in the rain by the window side ?”

The youth was thin, slightly shorter than Fang Yuan. His face resembled Fang Yuan’s features greatly. As Fang Yuan turned his head to look at this young man, a complicated look flickered across his face.

“It’s you huh, my twin little brother.” He raised his eyebrows, his expression returning to that of cold indifference. Fang Zheng lowered his head and looked at his own toes; this is his signature stance.

“Brother, I saw that your window wasn’t shut, so I thought I’d come in here and close it. Tomorrow is the Awakening Ceremony, it’s so late and you haven’t gone to bed yet. If Uncle and Aunty knew, they would probably be worried.”

Fang Zheng was not surprised at Fang Yuan’s coldness. Ever since he was a little child, his older brother had always been like that. Sometimes he would wonder, perhaps a genius was just like that, being rather different from ordinary people. Even though he had the same looks as his older brother, he felt that he was ordinary akin to an ant.

They were born from the same womb at the same time, and yet why were the heavens so unfair? His older brother had been endowed with gleaming talent, while he himself was as ordinary as a stone.

Everyone around him would say, “This is Fang Yuan’s younger brother—” when they mentioned him. His aunt and uncle would constantly tell him to learn from his older brother. Even when he looked into the mirror sometimes, he would feel disgusted as he saw his own face!

These thoughts had been ongoing for many years, accumulating day and night deeply into his heart. Like a giant stone pressing against his heart, Fang Zheng’s head lowered more and more over the years, and he also grew quieter.

“Worried…” At the thought of his aunt and uncle, Fang Yuan laughed silently. He could still remember clearly how his parents of this world had both lost their lives in one of the clan missions. When he was only three years old, he and his little brother had become orphans.

In the name of upbringing, his aunt and uncle grabbed hold of the inheritance left behind by his parents while inflicting harsh treatment against his younger brother and himself.

He originally planned on simply being a normal person, even planning to conceal his abilities and bide his time. However his life was difficult, making Fang Yuan have no choice but to choose to expose some of his talents.

The so-called talent was merely but a mature and intellect soul that carried a few of Earth’s popular ancient poems.

With this he managed to startle people and capture attention. Because of pressure from the outside world, the young Fang Yuan made a decision to keep a cold indifferent expression to protect himself, reducing the possibility of revealing any secrets. Over time the coldness became a habit that he was accustomed to expressing.

Thus, his aunt and uncle were no longer harsh on him and his younger brother. As the years passed and they got older, the future became more optimistic and he received better treatment. This was not love, but a type of investment.

It’s hilarious how his little brother never saw the truth; not only was he deceived by their aunt and uncle, but he also started burying his resentments inside. Although he looked like a good-natured and honest boy now, in Fang Yuan’s memories when his brother was found out to be an A grade talent, the clan spent much effort in raising him with all they had. After that, all the buried resentment and jealous and hate inside was released, and many a time Fang Zheng would target, suppress, and make life difficult for his own older brother.

As for his own grade, it was only C grade talent.

Fate loved to play a joke.

A pair of twins—the older one only had C grade talent, but had been known as a genius for a dozen years. The younger one who was always overlooked was the one with A grade talent instead.

The results of the Awakening Ceremony had left the clan shocked. The treatment of the two brothers suddenly reversed after that.

The younger brother was like a dragon that rose up to the heavens; the older brother was like a phoenix that fell down to the earth.

After that came the many hardships and troubles from his own younger brother, the cold eyes of his aunt and uncle, and the contempt of the clan.

Did he hate it?

Fang Yuan hated it in his previous life. He hated his own lack of talent, he hated how heartless the clan was, hated how fate was so unfair. But now, with his 500 years of life experiences, using this to retrospect, his heart was actually calm without a shred of hatred.

What was there to be gained from resentment?

Thinking about if from another point of view, he could understand his younger brother, aunt and uncle, even those enemies from 500 years later who attacked him.

The strong ate the weak—survival of the fittest; these had always been the rules of this world. Everyone had their ambitions, always struggling to grasp the opportunities presented before them. Among all the war and killing, what was there not to be understood?

500 years of life experience had long allowed him to understand all of this, with a heart that wanted to gain immortality.

If someone tried to prevent this pursuit of his—no matter who it was—he would kill and live through it. The aspirations in his heart were too big. Taking this path ensured he made the world his enemy, and he was destined to be alone, and destined to kill.

This was the conclusion from having lived 500 years.

“Revenge is not my intention, the demonic path does not compromise.” With that he couldn’t help but laugh and gave his younger brother a faint glance. “You may leave.”

Fang Zheng’s heart shook as he felt that his brother’s eyes were incisive like an ice blade, seemingly penetrating the deepest parts of his heart.

Under such a gaze, he felt like he was naked in the snow, unable to hold any secrets.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow.” Not daring to say anymore, Fang Zheng slowly closed the door and left.

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  1. If you read farther, the Gu use of the MC becomes much more complex and the story shows what you are truly capable of doing with Gu on a deeply complex level. The strength path Fang Yuan uses is only momentarily. I don’t want to spoil stuff though but it is worth to keep reading.

  2. Reverend insanity and Lord of mysteries have put my bar so high that even after devouring dozens of novels, am always searching for something that can touch my soul like they did….


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