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Supreme Magus Web Novel
Supreme Magus Web Novel

After injustice, misery, death, and reincarnation. Dereck McCoy woke up in the body of a newborn named Lith Verhen and a family of two parents and four siblings. In his first few moments in this world, Dereck came to witness mystical and magical forces. Forces that could dismantle and annihilate but also mend and cure.

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The world is beautiful and incredibly detailed. Mogar is its name and it’s where Dereck lives. Mogar is also used to denote the will of that world, an entity that seems to possess the intellect and free will. The will of the world has no interest in conflicts between the different races or continents except for those special people it deems as possible candidates for the role of guardian.

The world is teeming with different races and monsters, many of whom have lost their intellect and have turned into beasts while attempting their first Awakening — the process of feeling the world’s energy and absorbing it —, such is the case with Abominations and the Fallen Races. Others are more in tune with the world, like Plants, the more energy they absorb the more they will evolve. They start as plants then magical plants then sentient plants and finally Fae. Along the Undead these are the major races, while Slimes, Elves, Werefolk, and Merfolk are other races we’ll get to see, but not too often.

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The main plot is from the perspective of the protagonist, but many small plot lines can be experienced from the perspective of several other characters, including villains. Also, if you tend to enjoy political intrigue, this web novel won’t disappoint. The level of political complexity isn’t shallow and is very elaborated, it will grip your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Derek is paranoid with antisocial behavior and violent tendencies. He keeps many secrets and does not like to reveal them to others. At first, he sees his new family (Lith’s family) as strangers but, eventually, learns to love them deeply and strongly guards them. To the point of being extremely possessive, viewing them as his.

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When in it comes to his power, he isn’t overpowered, many characters — and other beings — are still stronger, even in the late chapters. As for his character development, it is fantastic, he starts cold and ruthless, borderline serial killer type, but not as much of a jerk without a reason.

Slowly, over time, he starts to mature and face new growth hurdles, develops many relationships with strangers, and has many people he cares about and people that he grieves. In combat, Derek is very ruthless towards his enemies, displaying little mercy. He never fails to exact revenge on those who wronged him or his loved ones.

One of the highlights of this web novel is its characters and how fleshed out they are. Although there are villains that are pure evil and deserve to be killed, there are also villains who are emotionally deep as well as strong and morally gray. You get a feel for who they are and become attached to them rather than just leaving them as “just another villain to create conflict”.

Despite the fact that we all know they should be punished for their crimes or that they will eventually die, we can’t help but cheer them on and hope they’ll make it safely. As their death means losing characters that we came to love and relate to their good traits as well as flaws.

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Furthermore, each character has a certain depth, their lives don’t revolve around Dereck, instead, it feels as if they are protagonists of their own stories. Although there are times when the characters behave in strange ways, it is not to the point it becomes a bother.

For the majority of the story, the power system is never laid out plainly. The author chooses to keep it a mystery until the appropriate moment. This can be a turn-off for many, as it may come off as unclear instead of intriguing.

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Every being possesses what’s called a “mana core”, it produces the mana that allows those beings to use magic and stores it to be used when necessary. A strong core allows a caster to use powerful spells and reduces the time to manipulate magic, as well as the time to cast spells. Mana cores grow stronger through the absorption of the energy in the air. Knowledge of mana and mana cores is a secret only known to the Awakened creatures.

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To conclude, this isn’t a hero nor is it a villain story. This is a story about a broken, cynical person who put forwards his interests before anything else. If you’re looking for a generous, sweet superhero to the rescue, this will be a tremendous disappointment, especially in the beginning. This web novel is much more suited for people who like the main character’s personality traits Dereck displays.

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