Top 10 Best Manhwa You Need to Read [2023 Updated]

There are so many Korean comics i.e. Manhwas on the internet. Most of us have a hard time choosing a good manhwa for reading. I will tell you the best manhwa recommendations.

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Some have epic stories, enough to make us immerse in their world while some have meh, not worth our time and money. I have also included webtoons, manga, and manhua comics in this list.

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Read on for the best suggestions, a list of the top manhwas, and where you can read those manhwas and their novels.

10 Best Manhwa to Read

Image with Solo Leveling, The Villian's Mother manhwa, Omniscient Reader webtoon, and Remarried Empress webtoon characters
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The Remarried Empress

The Remarried Empress Webtoon Trailer

Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader Webtoon Trailer

A Manhwa Similar to Omniscient Reader: Trash of the Count’s Family

The Skeleton Soldier can’t protect his dungeon

The Skeleton Soldier can’t protect his Dungeon Manhwa Trailer

Synopsis: His only purpose was to protect his master. And yet he was powerless to protect her. But fate has more in store for him as he gets another chance to protect his master once more and change his destiny.

Read Manhwa: TappyToon

Read Novel: Not Translated

Remark: This is a type of manhwa that gets interesting later on. Don’t judge based on the initial chapters, this man will get unique, mysterious, and shocking as you keep on reading. I love the main character’s growth and the way he overcomes hurdles.

*Fan Translation is way ahead of the official translation. But in terms of quality, Official translation is the best for reading.

Freaking Romance

Freaking Romance Webtoon Trailer

Synopsis: This a sexy supernatural story about being out on your own, finding your dream apartment, and discovering that your new place is haunted by a handsome spectral stranger from another dimension. Sure, HE can’t see you and YOU can’t touch him, but who said every relationship starts out perfectly?

Read Manhwa: Webtoons

Read Novels: N/A

Remark: This webtoon grasps the attention of all the readers with its great art, and a great storyline, and every chapter is ended in such a way that it makes us curious as to what will happen in the next chapter. I would highly recommend you all to read this webtoon and I would assure you that you would not regret reading it.

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Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Manhwa/Comics Trailer

Synopsis: In a world where awakened beings called “Hunters” must battle deadly monsters to protect humanity, Sung Jinwoo, nicknamed “the weakest hunter of all mankind,” finds himself in a constant struggle for survival. One day, after a brutal encounter in an overpowered dungeon, wipes out his party and threatens to end his life, a mysterious System chooses him as its sole player: Jinwoo has been granted the rare opportunity to level up his abilities, possibly beyond any known limits. Follow Jinwoo’s journey as he takes on ever-stronger enemies, both human, and monster, to discover the secrets deep within the dungeons and the ultimate extent of his powers.

Read Manhwa: Webnovel | TappyToon

Read Novel: Webnovel [ Web novel ] | Amazon [ Light Novel ]

Remark: The manhwa with the best art. I was attracted to this manhwa because of the art. The art is just awesome. The novel is good too. I recommend checking out both.

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*There are two places where you can read the solo leveling manhwa: Webnovel and TappyToon. For Quality, I recommend TappyToon and for Speed I recommend Webnovel. As for the novel, I recommend reading Light Novel. You can get the hardcopy of Solo Leveling manhwa on Amazon and RightStuffAnime

Release that witch

Release that Witch Manhua Glimpse | Source: Pinterest

Read the Full Review of the Release that Witch


Bstard Webtoon Trailer

Synopsis: There is a serial killer in my house!

Read Manhwa: Webtoons

Read Novel: N/A

Remarks: A breathtaking, heart-chilling, and mind-blowing thriller! This is a unique webtoon that manages to pique its readers’ interest and lets them enter a darker or perhaps a hidden story in our society that we normally don’t see.

Read the Review of B*st*rd[Spoiler Free]

Kusuriya no Hitorigoto

The Apothecary Diaries Video

Synopsis: There is a certain large country in the central plains of the mainland. In the imperial court of its emperor, there is a girl. Her name is Maomao, a pharmacist from the pleasure district, who is currently working as a maidservant in the inner palace. The girl, who surely can not be considered a beauty, is keeping a low-profile waiting for her contract to end. She is confident that she will not be “visited” by the emperor. During that, she learns about the short lives of the children of the emperor. Maomao, hearing that the two surviving children are critically ill, begins her investigation for the cause—. Set in the middle ages of the East, the “Food Taster” girl continues to solve difficult cases in the imperial court one after another.

Read Manga: RightStuffAnime | ThingsfromAnotherWorld | Amazon

Read Novel: Light Novel

Remark: A good story. There are mysteries in the novel like the short lives of the children of the emperor. The main character digs deep to try to solve the mysteries. Mysteries are mostly the focus of each chapter. The whole process of solving is very impactful and enjoyable. Definitely recommended even if you are not a mystery fan.

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The Abandoned Empress

The Abandoned Empress Manhwa Trailer

Synopsis: As a proud daughter of House Monique, Aristia was raised to become the next empress of the Castina Empire. But with the appearance of a mysterious new girl, everything has fallen apart: the Emperor has turned his back, and Aristia’s miserable life as a lower queen is cut short by death. However, a second chance to change her fate sees her reborn -7 years earlier! “Is this a dream or reality? Will my destiny repeat?”

Read Manhwa: TappyToon

Read Novel: Webnovel

Remark: Despite hating the main character at first as she became soft-hearted as well as stupid, I found the whole story to be quite interesting, the art is awesome and the portrayal of characters is done nicely.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Manhwa Trailer

Synopsis: Desir is returned to the past, back to the time when he enrolled at the nation’s finest magic academy – Havrion. He is reunited with his precious friends, and is prepared to change the past to save the world and his loved ones…! Three years remain before the emergence of the Shadow World! Change the past and gather powerful comrades to save mankind!

Read Manhwa: TappyToon

Read Novel: FanTranslation*

Remark: A Great Story with a clever Main character. The main character is committed to allying the strong against a greater evil. No silly villains, no mindless or petty characters, a full cooperative ambition, and a world to protect and challenge.

*You can google for the novel’s fan translation. I don’t recommend reading the novel.

Bonus Fan Favorite Manhwa Recommendations:

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  1. Is Manhwa of Basterd and solo leveling is good enough or should i watch anime?
    Because i go through both(Not entierly, but some glimps) and feels like i have to watch anime..
    Suggest me, what should i do??

  2. Woah, this list is amazing! I’ve been looking for some new manhwa to read and this post has been a lifesaver. I loved the recommendation for ‘The Breaker’ – it’s one of my favorites. Can’t wait to check out the other series on the list 😍 Thanks so much for sharing!


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