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What Did I Read This Week #9? [April 1-9] Web Novels & Manhwa Weekly Discussion

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the weekly discussion on Web novels and manhwa. Feel free to comment your readings.

I know I have said this is a weekly discussion but I am not posting weekly. The reason is I am busy with my new job and another is you guys don’t comment. The first reason is an excuse. The main reason is the second one. If you want this kind of weekly post. Do comment and I will post these discussions regularly.

Let’s get started.

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Web Novels & Manhwa Weekly Discussion #8

Let’s start with Manhwa. This week I read The Business Proposal Manhwa and Emperor’s Domination Manhua.

Emperor’s Domination Manhua

I am very angry and disappointed with Emperor’s Domination Manhua. Whenever I think of Li Qiye, the main character, he appears overpowered, cruel, majestic, and cunning in my mind. Even in his crow form, his figure is grand and majestic filled with a superior aura. But in the manhua, Li Qiye in his crow form appears like this…

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Emperor's Domination Manhua Li Qiye

Just look at this image, does this… figure comes close to the actual impression of Li Qiye in our mind?

emperor domination web novel meme

I have been following Emperor Domination for more than 2 years, and with more than 4000 chapters, even though the plot is kind of repetitive. From this, you know that I have a big fan of this novel. Damn.. I just feel so sad looking at the image.

Facebook comments about the Emperor's domination manhua

Looking at the comments, Everyone is on the same page.

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Enough of my ranting, let’s go to another manhwa.

The Business Proposal Manhwa

the business proposal manhwa

This is a fun light-hearted romance manhwa that uses cliches to make the story even more humorous. The manhwa was trending, so I decided to take a look. I also watched the drama, it was good even though it didn’t completely follow the manhwa.

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For the past two weeks, I have been reading the Novel Holy Roman Empire and I won’t Just Play By the Book. Both the novels are good

Holy Roman Empire Web Novel

holy roman empire web novel review

Holy Roman Empire is a Kingdom Building Web Novel set in mind in the 1800s when countries were constantly trying to fight for more land and resources. The author uses the various events in that time period to create a wonderful story. This novel is not like any other novel you and I have read. No matter how cruel the events in the story, there is some truth to them.

Holy Roman Empire is not an easy read as it depicts the way of various countries in the 19th century. How far were they willing to go for the expansion? How many people were killed for the so-called great powers of Europe such as Britain, France, Germany, etc?

demon slaying manhua
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The Main Character Franz is from the 21st transmigrated into the body of a noble teen who is going to be an Emperor. He carefully uses the various events to be a powerful Emperor and contest with other superpowers like Russia, Britain, and France.

For example, he knows America will be a superpower in the future, so Franz decides to divide America into many parts.

Overall, this is a good Kingdom building web novel but this web novel is not for everyone.

The sad part is that this novel is not fully translated and I can understand why. Not everyone will enjoy this kind of story.

You can read the story on Webnovel and if you want to read more you can go to WNMTL to read machine translation.

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  1. I also had a look at business proposal while watching the series on Netflix. Didn’t know it’s different from show, will read to see how it diverts


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