I Hijacked The Timeline Review: Time Travel + Mysteries

I Hijacked The Timeline Review

I Hijacked the Timeline is an exciting fantasy novel that follows the adventures of Feng Qi, an ordinary high school student who gains the ability to enter a future world 1500 years ahead. In this futuristic realm, Feng Qi discovers startling secrets about the fate of humanity and realizes he has the power to change the course of history.

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With its thrilling premise, mysterious plot twists, and engaging characters, this novel makes for an addictive read.

TitleI Hijacked The Timeline
AuthorChopping With A Knife
Chapters428 (Ongoing)
PlotFeng Qi, with the ability to travel to the future, witnesses the fall of humanity 1500 years ahead. He decides to restart the timeline repeatedly, using his knowledge to alter the future and save civilization.

My Thoughts on I Hijacked The Timeline Review

Feng Qi I hijacked the timeline


The story follows Feng Qi, an ordinary high school senior who suddenly gains the ability to enter a post-apocalyptic future through his dreams. In this desolate world 1,500 years later, mankind has been overrun by monsters from “domain fields”. Feng Qi discovers a hidden bunker containing a database of the future’s history and powerful cultivation techniques. Using this knowledge, he returns to the present, passing himself off as a genius inventor to change the course of history.

However, Feng Qi soon realizes greater dangers lurk below the surface. A mysterious research institute called Scarlet may be under the control of Domain monsters, working to destroy humanity. Feng Qi takes it upon himself to stop them, while also guiding geniuses like his friend Lin Ran away from their doomed fates. But can one man really change the destiny of the world?

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Story Development

The story wastes no time kicking into high gear. After just two chapters of introduction, Feng Qi dives headfirst into his first dream. I loved this quick pacing, which sets the tone for the nonstop excitement that follows.

A strength of the novel is the elaborate future events that led to the downfall. Each time Feng Qi visits the Future after doing something different, the author presents a new scenario filled with mysteries as to why mankind was destroyed. The first Future Feng Qi visits is a haunting landscape filled with living corpses, blood rain, and vicious Domain creatures with mysterious powers.

Navigating this dangerous realm, Feng Qi encounters more mysteries and slowly uncovers shocking revelations about the downfall of humanity. The vividly imagined scenery and tense action sequences make Feng Qi’s future trips highlights of the novel.

Each trip to the future reveals more secrets and plot twists, from Feng Qi’s tragic original fate to the Scarlet Institute’s sinister plans. These gripping revelations motivated me to keep reading.

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The story gradually expands in scale from Feng Qi’s personal development to influencing all of humanity. Side characters like Lin Ran and Mu Qing receive strong motivations and personalities. I was constantly trying to puzzle out mysteries like what caused one of the main characters to betray mankind.

A major draw of the book is the multilayered conspiracy Feng Qi works to uncover. From cryptic organizations like the Scarlet Research Institute to historical figures with hidden agendas, Feng Qi peels back sinister layers to reveal the web of deception ensnaring humanity’s future. The compelling twists and turns keep readers hooked as the stakes ramp up.

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Characters Development

Mu Qing I hijacked the timeline

Feng Qi makes for an appealing lead, going from average student to bonafide hero. His resourcefulness in using future knowledge shows off quick thinking. His compassion for saving people like Mu Qing gives him a likable moral center. And his determination to change fate drives the story forward.

However, if some say there’s minimal character development with the characters like Lin Ran and Wang Jinsheng, I agree with that point because Character development is not really the focus of this novel. I think that fleshing out the characters is not necessary for this novel because the main focus should be on Feng Qi’s decisions and actions, mysteries, Present and Future world.

But the story’s real draw is watching Feng Qi develop as a person and his decisions. He struggles with the burden of transforming the future. His interactions with mentors like Wang Jinsheng show off wisdom. And his budding friendship with Mu Qing reveals an admirable caring side. I found myself relating to his self-doubt and celebrating his victories.

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Timeline and Mysteries

The alternating timelines between the present and future are clearly differentiated and add intriguing layers of mystery. Chapters often end on cliffhangers that leave readers eager to dive back in. Compelling questions like the true motives of the Scarlet Research Institute, the origins of the Domain, and the cause of humanity’s downfall will keep readers racing through the chapters.


I Hijacked The Timeline executes time travel adventure brilliantly while crafting a protagonist just getting started on his hero’s journey. Its rapid pacing and slowly unfurling mysteries will appeal greatly to fantasy fans. I eagerly anticipate watching Feng Qi fully develop into the savior he’s destined to become when the story continues. This is absolutely a new favorite I’ll be recommending to everyone.

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