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24 Best Harem Manhwa Recommendations

Apart from sci-fi, thriller, and fantasy, harem is one of the most popular and well-read genres in the world of manhwa, manhua, and webtoons. Harem is most characteristic of its unique plot, where the main character is swarmed by multiple love interests. One of the main reasons why harem gained so much popularity is because it can be adapted to many other genres like fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and many more.

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But with the increasing number of harem comics out there, finding a good harem manhwa with a good plot that is fun and intriguing at the same time is difficult.

This is why if you are looking for interesting, and non-repetitive harem manhwa recommendations, this is your best shot.

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Below are some of the best harem comics with different plotlines and interesting story continuations.

Best Harem Manhwa, Manhua & Webtoons Recommendations

best harem manhwa recommendation


Martial Peak

martial peak cultivation

Genre– Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Supernatural, Cultivation

Number of chapters– 2520 chapters

Author– Momo

Best Harem Manhua Comics
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Source– Webnovel

Join Yang Kai in his journey to achieve heights of martial arts, pushing his limits from a disciple-on-trial and floor sweeper to the world’s greatest martial artist with the help of Wordless Black Book in this action-packed adventure.


I Am The Fated Villian

I am the fated Villian manhwa

Genre– Action, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Comedy, Cultivation

Number of chapters– 44 chapters

Author– Heavenly Villian

demon slaying manhua
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Source– INKR

Fighting fate itself by aiming to harvest the luck of the Sons of Fate and thus becoming the strongest in the world of martial arts, a transmigrator, Gu Changge, becomes a villain against the world.


Release That witch

release that witch manhwa

Genre– Fantasy, Romance, Magic

Number of chapters– 404 chapters

Author– Er Mu

Source– Webnovel

Cheng Yan gets reincarnated into the body of a young prince tasked with handling a territory in a competition to select the next ruler among his siblings. He soon realizes the true nature of the hopeless prince, Roland, and learns of the existence of witches. Equipped with the knowledge of the modern era and the power of the witches he decides to save from being hunted down, he turns the territory into a developed and modern society that can fight anything threatening its peace.

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My Girlfriend Is A Zombie

My Girlfriend Is A Zombie

Genre– Action, Horror, Romance, Supernatural

Number of chapters– 339 chapters

Author– Dark Litchi

Source– Webnovel

web novel romance
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During a zombie apocalypse, Ling Mo gains powers to control Zombies, which he uses to evolve his girlfriend and his powers as she becomes more and more like her human self with each evolution. With his girlfriend turned into a zombie, and his powers being the only thing keeping her on his side, Ling Mo must fight not just zombies but other humans to achieve the strength required to protect all that he holds dear.


Tales Of Demons And Gods

Genre– Eastern fantasy, Action, Supernatural

Number of chapters– 682

Author– Mad Snail

Source– Bilibili

Nie Li, after reaching the pinnacle of existence, dies in an ambush and is returned to his past as his 13 years old self. Seeing this as an opportunity, he decides to train himself, his companions, and his beloved who all died in his original life, and prevent the destruction of his city, exposing the nature of many hidden evils hidden within.

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My Girlfriend Is A Villian

My Girlfriend Is A Villian

Genre– Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

Number of chapters- 139

Author– 星空社 (Xing Kong She)/ 小北(Xiao Bei)


Despite wanting to be a normal person, Zhang Nan the young master of the Fu Long Clan is forced into an aristocratic training school by his grandfather. To make things worse, he is accidentally put in an all-girls class, where he is tormented immensely.


Demonic Emperor

demonic emperor manhwa

Genre– Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Chapters– 312 chapters

Author– Ye Xiao

Source– Tapas

The peaceful demon king Yifan Zhuo is betrayed and decides to reincarnate to use his knowledge and power to defeat his foes. He is reincarnated as a spirit-bound servant to Lady Luo, Fan. See his journey as his fate interlinks with Lady Luo and he tries to regain what he lost.

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What Do I Do Now?

What Do I Do Now? adult manhwa

Genre– Comedy, Romance

Chapters– 44 chapters

Author– Team Danbi

Source– Toomics

What will Lucas Sylvia do when he wakes up next to three girls in a room? What brought them here? Find out in this hilarious story.

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How To Use A Returner

How To Use A Returner korean comics

Genre– Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Psychological

Chapters– 55 chapters

Author– Domi (Heuksujeo)

Source– Tapas

A weak player in a game of life and death, Giyoung, has only one skill- to read other players’ status. When he finds Hyunsung, a returner of this world, he decides that his best option is to stick by Hyunsung’s side and game his way out of this tutorial.

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I Have Twin Girlfriends

I Have Twin Girlfriends manhua

Genre– Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Number of chapters– 234 chapters

Author– Sky Tree Man Factory

Source– Webnovel

The protagonist, after learning that his girlfriend has a twin, is shocked to realize that he had been kept in the dark all this time. Thus starts his interesting journey with the twins.

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Finger Girls

Finger Girls

Genre– Action, Romance, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Comedy

Number of chapters– 69 chapters

Author– Black Ring Culture

Source– Bilibili

An average high school boy, Fei Ge, is forced to fight a monster called Caterghost when a warrior who protects human love takes residence in the index finger of his left hand. Along with the popular girl of his class, his unexpected journey starts into a world hidden within his own.


Sword King In A Women’s World

Sword King In A Women's World Harem Manhua

Genre– Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Number of chapters– 334 chapters

Author– Dongmanshe

Source– Webnovel

Transferred to a parallel reality where gender roles are reversed, Chu Qing, who has just returned from 300 years of cultivating in the fairy world at an age of 17 years, goes on a journey of acquiring power and thus attracting the attention of many powerful women of the world. His denial to conform to the rules of this reality, and the knowledge he gathered over the years ends up making an action-packed journey of him and his own harem.

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My Girlfriend Is A Dragon

My Girlfriend Is A Dragon

Genre– Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Action

Number of chapters– 195 chapters

Author– MK-Li Zinheng

Source– Webnovel

A young alchemist tries to save a girl who turns out to be a princess and a dragon. With a strange meeting and a strange progression into their dating, the manhua, just like Overgeared, is full of comedy with the protagonist’s hilarious techniques to fight off enemies.


Bodyguard Of The Goddess

Bodyguard Of The Goddess manhwa

Genre– Action, Romance

Number of chapters– 84 chapters

Author– Fat Eggplant

Source– Webnovel

The protagonist, Xiao Zheng, is forced into marriage and employment after a one-night stand with the female executive of the Arcana Group. Thus starts his new life full of challenges with many interesting female characters.


Absolute Hypnosis in Another World

Absolute Hypnosis in Another World

Genre– Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Number of chapters– 22

Author– Kamadi

Source– Webtoon

Hypno, equipped with strange game-like abilities of hypnosis, nonsense, status window, and self-justification, decides to create his own harem starting with a married lady in a hilarious journey.

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I Won’t Get Bullied by Girls

I Won't Get Bullied by Girls

Genre– Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

Number of chapters– 701 chapters

Author– Fei Tie Xing Zhe

Source– Bilibili

The protagonist is a dense guy who believes that his childhood friend was plotting against him when she returned after years of studying away from him. Thus, he bullies her to avenge all the humiliation he went through when she was bullying him in a comedy-filled story.


Above Myriads

Above Myriads

Genre– Action, Fantasy

Chapters– 60 chapters

Author– Chen Guojian

Source– Bilibili

A boy wakes up in the body of an extremely powerful being. He realizes that he has been reincarnated in a world where cultivation is common knowledge and his actions are nothing short of a miracle.

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Grandmaster of Gourmet

Grandmaster of Gourmet

Genre– Comedy, Historical

Number of chapters– 81 chapters

Author– Idol Miao Studio

Source– Bilibili

Liu Xian, a leading master of Chinese Cuisine, is transported to another world. A world of martial arts, where they only eat medicinal pills. He attempts at giving them a taste of his gift but instead falls prey to one woman after another. And while this would be a dream come true for any man, it is a nightmare come true for our protagonist because he has an acute phobia of women.


mansion In The Post-Apocalyptic World

mansion In The Post-Apocalyptic World ecchi manhwa

Genre– Action, Adventure, Sc-fi, Post-apocalyptic (zombie)

Chapters– 578 chapters

Author– Morning Star LL

Source– Webnovel

Follow Jiang Chen who crossed into the judgment day as he leads refugees to establish a base, set up a federation, change the political system, rescue the world, expand territory while fighting the enemies from the sky, and more in this hilarious adventure in a world that seemed to be gone for good.

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My Harem Is Entirely Female Demon Villains

Genre– Fantasy, Romance

Number of chapters– 60 chapters

Author– Wu You Bazongzui

Source– Bilibili

Dawn Star, an earthling, gets crossed over into a game world and appears on the villainous female demon’s bed. The only thing that has kept him alive is the fact that he had married all the villains in the game before crossing over. Now, these demon villains are pestering him to help them dominate the world.


Starting From Today I’ll Work As A City Lord

Starting From Today I’ll Work As A City Lord Kingdom building manhwa

Genre– Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Number of chapters– 439 chapters

Author– Aoye Dabai

Source– Qidian

Liu Feng learns how to travel between his world and another and gets tricked into buying a falling city where he must overcome obstacles as a ruler and lead the city to live an easy life. The art style is amazing and the pacing is even and gradual. The use of the protagonist’s power and knowledge leaves a satisfying taste in the mouth of the readers. As the city grows and gains more attention, there is more to lose and more to gain. A must-read for those like a fun isekai.

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Survive on a deserted island with beautiful girls

Genre– Action, Fantasy, Romance

Number of chapters– 221 chapters

Author– King Ting Dongman

Source– Bilibili

Qin Tian takes over an island filled with ancient beasts, modern humans and futuristic technology, and space-time anomalies. He decides to rule the island and take over everything no matter what he has to do for it.


Invincible at the Start

Invincible at the Start

Genre– Action, Adventure, Drama

Chapters– 50 chapters

Author– Bo Yi Dongman

Source– MU

Chen Changan, as a nerd, goes around the fantasy realm, confronted by innumerable creatures and ghosts from the outer world. Chen Changan resolved not to leave his invincible field before becoming immortal. When he gets bored, he raises a few charming and lovely apprentices and accidentally cultivates them to become spiritual world leaders, which turns the world upside down.

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The Patriarch Can’t Resist His Princesses

Genre– Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Number of chapters– 26

Author– Mia Mia, Ling Shen

Source– Bilibili

An elite investor gets crossed over into a game. His task? To become a demon cult’s patriarch, where he finds himself not being able to resist the pleas of the demon princesses. In order to deal with this absurd situation at hand, he embarks on a journey to dominate this whole new world.

With different stories taking place in different worlds and different settings, we find these manhwas, manhuas, and webtoons full of action, romance, comedy, drama, adventure, and of course lots of girls. While not every story, or even the type of protagonist, is everyone’s cup of tea, these are some of the best and most popular harem manhwa, manhua, and webtoon recommendations to give a shot.

Bonus Harem Recommendations:

Our Pure and Ambiguous Romance

Our Pure and Ambiguous Romance
  • Modern Harem Romance Manhua with plenty of Hot girls and Ecchi moments

Girls of the Wild

Girl's of the Wild
  • Best Martial Arts Manhwa with Good Art and Likeable Main Character with character development.

Secret War

silent wars manhwa
  • Slow start but you will love it as the chapter progresses

My Twin Wives

Twice the Love harem romance manhwa
  • One of the Best Romance Harem Manhwa with Good Art and a Good Satisfying Ending.

So, which one is your favorite Harem Manhwa? Let us know in the comments.

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