What Did I Read This Week #8? [FEB 19-26] Web Novels & Manhwa Weekly Discussion

Welcome to the Weekly Series Post where I discuss various web novels, light novels, comics, manhwas, manga, and many others that I read this week.

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Feel Free to comment about your readings and opinions about them.

Web Novels & Manhwa Weekly Discussion #7

First Let’s start with some news. I had been preparing for a Youtube channel for this website where I discuss various novels and manhwas. I bought a mic for this and even recorded audio but sadly my youtube channel was terminated. Seems like my channel(where I was uploading anime recommendations) was hacked and the hacker uploaded some VERY problematic videos.

Next, I am in the process of upgrading the hosting and there are some problems with the site. Bear with me. The problems should be fixed within two or three days. (I hope so)

Enough of my ranting, Let’s get started.

Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece

Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece manhwa weekly discussion

I have been reading this Kingdom Building novel. This novel is just another level in terms of wars, politics, army building, and kingdom building.

I feel this novel is comparable to the Release that Witch ( minus the fantasy part)

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I will be soon writing a review on this novel but for now, you should know you wouldn’t regret reading this novel.

The story sets in medieval Europe where there were wars everywhere. Our main character from modern-day china finds himself in the body of a Greece warrior. This is his story of becoming a superpower using knowledge and intelligence from the modern-day.

What I like about this novel is that the author has actually researched very well the history of Europe whether it is about the countries like Greece, Sparta, Persia, etc, or the special characters at that time period like Alexander, Pluto, etc. All of these details are well researched and wisely used by the author so that it doesn’t feel out of place.

There are some things I didn’t like. The plot heavily centers around the main character and there’s not much development in side characters. However, the author later addresses the latter point and we get to see other side characters in action as well.

The romance and harem are written limited which feels just right.

That’s all my thoughts for this novel. Do wait for the review.

If any of you have read this novel, do comment about it.

Thanks for reading. I didn’t read any other novel and manhwa.

Have a good day Guys. Take care and be Safe.

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5 thoughts on “What Did I Read This Week #8? [FEB 19-26] Web Novels & Manhwa Weekly Discussion”

  1. Same as Ummi.
    Also, theres this novel called The Author’s POV u should check out.. and don’t worry its not mine!

  2. I started reading a novel called “My Necromance class” the story is very good. The writing too, it’s not crinkly or cliché. It’s not new and pretty famous. You should try if you never did.


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