68 Best Kingdom Building Novels [Updated]

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68 Best Kingdom Building Novels

Hey Guys, I have compiled a list of 68 Kingdom Building Novels. If I may have missed out on some, do comment and I will add to the list.


  • CN: Chinese Novels
  • JP: Japanese Novels
  • KR: Korean Novels
  • O: Original Novels

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Empire Building Light Novels
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Here’s the Table with the List of Top Kingdom Building Novels and Where you can read them.

1. Release that Witch CN
[ Webnovel | Amazon ]
Use of modern Knowledge, Weak Main Character, Best world development
[ Read Comic ]
2. Overlord JP
[ Amazon | RightStuffAnime ]
Highly detailed plot and best character and world development.
3. Gamers of Underworld CN
[ Webnovel ]
Unique Comedy Novel, Dungeon Building
4. Black Iron Glory CN
[ VeraTales ]
Slow Paced Story, Detailed Worldbuilding and Varied Culture, Cautious and smart main characters
5. Wortenia Senki JP
[ Amazon ]
Sword + Blood + Ruthless Main Character + Smart Main Character
6. Tales of Reincarnated Lord CN
[ VeraTales ]
Very Detailed World Events, Blood + Gore + Harem+ Action + War
7. City of Sin CN
[ Amazon ]
Dark + Tragedy + Harem(unlike others)
8. The Human Emperor CN
[ FanTranslation ]
Best Antagonists, Interesting Plot, Wars, and Strategies are best
9. Holy Roman Empire CN
Webnovel ]
Intelligent, Cunning and Cautious Main Character, Too much Politics, has best kingdom building
10. Chrysalis O
[ Webnovel | RoyalRoad ]
Monster Reincarnation, Level System
11. I have a Mansion in Post Apocalyptic World CN
[ Webnovel ]
Harem, Apocalyptic World
[ Read Comic ]
12. Kingdom’s Bloodline CN
[ Webnovel ]
Best Political Novel, Smart Cautious Main Character
13. Low Dimensional Game CN
[ Webnovel ]
God Complex, Best World Building
14. Genius Prince’s National Revitalization from State Deficit ~ Right, Let Us Sell the Country JP
[ Amazon | RightStuffAnime ]
Comedy, Best Strategies
15. Empress’s Gigolo CN
[ Webnovel ]
A unique concept, Best Female Lead
16. Magic Industry Empire CN
[ VeraTales ]
Too much Smooth Sailing plot, Harem
17. Sword of Dawnbreaker CN
Webnovel ]
Use of modern Knowledge in Magical Medieval age, World Revolution, Action
18. World Domination System O
[ Webnovel ]
Okay and Overrated
19. Lord’s Empire CN
[ Webnovel ]
20. Soul of Negary CN
[ Webnovel ]
Dark, Evil Main character
21. Road to Crown O
[ Webnovel | RoyalRoad ]
22. War that Transcends Timeline O
[ Webnovel ]
23. Out of Space O
[ Webnovel | RoyalRoad ]
24. Time Traveller’s Guide to Feudal Japan O
[ Webnovel ]
Time Travel, Wars, Historical
25. King of German Mercenary O
[ FanTranslation ]
26. I am King of Technology O
[ Webnovel ]
27. Shepherding Humanity CN
[ FanTranslation ]
God Complex
28. Master of Science and Technology CN
[ FanTranslation ]
Science + Cultivation
29. Age of Cosmic Exploration CN
[ Webnovel ]
Scifi, Average Story
30. Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki JP
[ FanTranslation ]
31. Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi JP
[ FanTranslation ]
R-18, good world-building
32. I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! JP
[ RightStuffAnime ]
Misunderstood Main Character + Comedy + Scifi
33. I am God of Games CN
[ Webnovel ]
God Complex, Level System
34. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom JP
[ Amazon | RightStuffAnime ]
Great story, Good Detailed plot and world events, Smart Main Character, [ un-needed excessive ] Harem
35. Mediterranean Hegemon Of Ancient Greece CN
[ FanTranslation ]
36. Isekai Tensei Soudouki JP
[ FanTranslation ]
37. Everlasting Immortal Firmament CN
[ FanTranslation ]
38. Yama Rising CN
[ WuxiaWorld ]
Modern + Cultivation + Thriller
39.  Rise of the Lord O
[ RoyalRoad ]
40. Iron Dynasty CN
[ ]
Developing medieval kingdom into a technological powerhouse, Similar to Release that Witch
41. Rebirth Dominator CN
[ Raws ]
This is a sequel story of Low Dimensional Game by the same author.
42. Creating a Sandbox World CN
[ FanTranslation ]
Similar to Low Dimensional Game, Main Character gets a Sandbox. He evolves ordinary humans at first and later creates a magic Civilization, Cultivation civilization, Elf Civilization, etc
43.  That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime JP
[ Amazon | RightStuffAnime ]
Best World-Building and Character Building, Has the best Kingdom Building
44. Lord of the Magical Beasts CN
[ Webnovel ]
Monster Pet, decent story
45. My Hair can create a Demon Civilization CN
[ Raws ]
From the Author of Shepherding humanity. MC gets a ship that can travel through time and space, Creates Civilization in small spaces like a table or garden.
46. I’m a God in Another World CN
[ Read ]
God’s Complex
47. Original Wizard  CN
[ Read ]
Similar to the Throne of Magical Arcane, but magic doesn’t exist in the world, only gods do. MC studies gods and their descendants and creates magic civilization from scratch.
48. Perfect World CN
[ WuxiaWorld ]
49. Green Skin KR
[ FanTranslation ]
Monster Reincarnation + Revenge driven + Action + Adventure
50. Goblin King JP
[ FanTranslation ]
Monster Reincarnation + Action + Adventure
51. Tree of Aeons O
[ RoyalRoad ]
World Development from the Perspective of a Tree
52. Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra JP
[ FanTranslation ]
Has Similar Premise as Overlord, Fleshed out Characters, interesting World and Plot Development.
53. The Iron Teeth: A Goblin’s Tale O
[ Amazon | RoyalRoad ]
Non-Human Main Character, Slow World Building
54. Enlightened Empire O
[ RoyalRoad ]
55. World of cultivation CN
[ FanTranslation ]
Cultivation, Good and Well Balanced Story
56. Summoned Slaughterer JP
[ FanTranslation ]
Ruthless Main Character
57. Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles JP
[ FanTranslation ]
Intelligent Main Character, Starts out good and unique
58. I Am The Monarch KR
[ FanTranslation ]
Best Kingdom Building, Intelligent Main Character
59. Farming Life in Another World JP
[ Amazon | RightStuffAnime ]
Farming + Slice of Life
60. Cthulhu Gonfalon CN
[ Webnovel ]
God Complex, Average Story
61. The World Online CN
[ Webnovel ]
Good World Development
62. Forgotten Conqueror O
[ RoyalRoad ]
63. Hail The King CN
[ FanTranslation ]
Fine Story, System/power Kinda inconsistent
64. Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki JP
[ FanTranslation ]
65. The Amber Sword CN
[ FanTranslation ]
Great and Detailed World Building, Intelligent Main Character and Fleshed out Side Characters
66. Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World CN
[ FanTranslation ]
10K+ Chapters
67. Immortality CN
[ FanTranslation ]
BEST Story, Intelligent Main Character, Cultivation
68. Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter JP
[ Amazon | RightStuffAnime ]
Intelligent Main Character, Good Story development, Amazing World Development
List of Kingdom Building Novels
69. Legend of Arch Magus O
[ Amazon ]
Smart, Overpowered Protagonist, Wars [ My Review ]
70. Wandering Inn O
[ Amazon ]
Best Novel in this list, vast and amazing world full of life, realistic character development, wars, mysteries, Universal System
71. Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece CN
[ Fan Translation ]
Set in time of Ancient Greece, MC takes control of Greek settlement in South Italy. Expands from there
72. King of Mercenaries CN
Set in Late Middle Ages in Holy Roman Empire. MC is leader of mercenary company and also acquires/builds territory

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  1. The most complete list i have ever seen, but one position of novel i dont see. Spoilers:………………..
    Miracle throne bay the way great novel maybe no pure kingdom building but in the end mc will be more powerful then som emperors

  2. Look at The Golden Throne. It is a good kingdom building novel. I am on patreon, so I am far ahead in the story, and it is promising.

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