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Holy Roman Empire Novel is GOLD

Holy roman empire web novel review

Holy Roman Empire is the most unique Chinese web novel I have ever read. The theme is Kingdom Building, however, it’s not the usual kind where the main character builds something from a village to a country or commands the army to build his kingdom. The premise is set larger, and the stakes are higher from the start of the story.

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Set in the 19th century, this novel takes the various events from that period of time such as the big Empires(French Empire, Spanish Empire, British Empire, etc) at that time, their hostile relations with each other, the competition for colonies, wars between them, political as well as social-economic situations, economic, and industrial revolutions as well as crisis. There’s just so much. The author carefully packages those events and delivers them in a unique and fun way that makes us hooked on the story.

Before discussing more, I want to remind everyone that the Holy Roman Empire web novel is not for everyone. Very few will read it, appreciate this story, and will love it. The main reason is this web novel deals with the historical events, realities of that time, wars, cruelties, economics, and so on. I am certain that more than 80% of the readers will find this story boring.

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The main character finds himself transmigrated into the past in the early 1800s in the body of the teen, Franz Josef, who is the heir of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This story follows Franz as he uses his future knowledge to gain a foothold in Europe and become a superpower in Europe.

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At first Franz, obviously takes advantage of his future knowledge, but later he realizes that knowledge couldn’t be trusted and uses his intelligence to make Austria stronger. The story uses historical events like the French Revolution, the 1st and 2nd industrial revolution, the economic crisis, the Civil war in America, the fight for the construction of the Suez Canal, etc.

Great Empires and Common People

Obviously, Our world of the 1850s was filled with Countries fighting for more land and resources, wars, slavery, colonial expansion, common people protesting for their basic right to eat, and so on. Very similarly, In the Holy Roman Empire novel, the author has introduced a similar world or maybe even more realistic than what we have known from our history books.

This novel is not like other kingdom-building web novels where the main character goes into a fight with other countries. Here’s the Emperor of the Empire Franz, the main character, makes various plans for the country for its economic and political growth and we see how that plan carries out. Most of the time the plan doesn’t go the way the main character implemented. He schemes to get more land(other countries or colonies) and resources(Gold, Coals, etc) and expands his empire, no matter the cost. Whether, millions of people die of war or hunger, Not his problem as long as the Country is growing rich.

Of course, there are other countries doing the same as well. They provoke civil wars by supporting the opposition, ultimately weakening the country. They also plan and scheme to devour the lands and resources with the same thoughts of pursuing benefits and not caring about the common people. There is the British Empire, the shit-stirrer as referred to in the novel most of the time, the French Empire, the home of the number one army as well as the land of revolutions, the Russian Empire, the ruthless empire, and many more.

If the top of the pyramid is the Countries or the Great Empires, then the second one is the capitalist or industrialist or the nobles. The novel so realistic shows how the life of the common people was hellish under this category of people. The capitalist has a vast wealth but no political power while nobles have political power as well as wealth. While the capitalist made money by exploiting the labor in various ways. A common example is making them work up to 18 hours and giving them low pay.

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Nobles have lands and serfs. Serfdom also exploited common people. At the same time, religion was there to exploit the common people. In every way, common people’s lives were filled with difficulties.

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Clever Use of the Events

I have to give a big applause to the Author for this one. He has used the historical events in such a good way. He has researched so deeply. While most of the events don’t really happen the way it has happened in the story but the significance of such events hasn’t been decreased in the story. If you are not sure what events I am talking about, it is the French revolution that gave birth to some basic rights for common people, the abolishment of serfdom, the industrial revolutions which gave rise to new inventions, economic crises, and the wars which lead to the death of millions. Also, how can we forget the fight for the colonies which devasted the lives of millions of people.

Main Character And The Future Knowledge

I like how the future knowledge hasn’t made Franz very strong from the start but at least it has given him some help. Franz has cleverly used the knowledge to his advantage. Like he knows the importance of the Suez Canal which can help him to reduce the influence of the British in the Sea, so he cleverly teams up with France for the construction of the canal.

Knowing the USA will be a powerful country in the future, Franz teamed up with his Enemies to divide the USA, provoke civil conflicts, and so on to weaken the country.

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There’s no doubt that the Holy Roman Empire Web Novel is a Gold. The novel has a unique setting and uses the events from the 19th century for the plot. The initial chapters are slow and gradually introduce us to the world. How is the world for the common people and their living standards? How many Empires are there and their relationship with each other? There are too many politics and schemes involved in the initial chapters.

Towards the two-fifth and third-fifth of the novel, we are introduced to how countries, the people at the top, nobles, and capitalist exploits the common people for their ambitions. A the same time, we are drawn to the conflicts of various countries. We are shown how they set up alliances and betray for the benefit. We are shown how the British sowed up discord between the countries to stop them from growing stronger and threatening their power.

In this way, We are gradually drawn towards the 19th-century world built by the author and get invested without knowing. That’s why Holy Roman Empire is a good book and everyone should give this kingdom-building book a chance.

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