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11 Best Manhua to Read on Webnovel

Review of the top 11 Chinese manhuas (on Webnovel): 

best manhua to read on webnovel
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Table of Contents:

  1. (Part 1) [Female Targeted Comics]
  2. (Part 2) [Male Targeted Comics]

(Part 1) [Female Targeted Comics]

full marks hidden marriage comics cover

Fullmarks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Husband Free

Progress: 178 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: Jiong Jiong You Yao

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Ning Xi has returned after a five-year, determined to exact vengeance on her sister, who turned her parents against her, and her childhood sweetheart, who betrayed her for her sister. She aims to fulfill a childhood ambition of becoming a well-known actress. Her sister, on the other hand, is still out to get her, and she must avoid all of her nefarious schemes. She meets an adorable kid and saves him one day after falling into one of her sisters’ schemes. This is how Ning Xi ended up staying at the house of the mute little kid to help him come out of his shell. Lu Tingxiao, his father, gradually develops feelings for her.


An awesome read with a strong pair of MCs. They share a deep bond and they COMMUNICATE. Few misunderstandings are there but those can be considered minor. And of course, how can I forget our adorable Little Treasure (Xiao Bao)? He’s the cherry on top. Without him, half of the story would have become dull haha. I really liked the plot. Moreover, our badass FL leaves me with little to no space for complaints. She’s strong, she’s brave, and she knows how to save the damsel in distress (that’s our ML xD). Hurry up and read it if you haven’t till now!

P.S. – The comic is a teeny bit different from the novel in some places. Don’t worry, the main plot is the same.

Comic: Webnovel

Best Harem Manhua Comics
Best Harem Manhua(Tap to Read)

Novel Status: Completed

Novel: Webnovel (English), Qidian (Chinese) [2165 Chapters]

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet chinese manhua

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Progress: 189 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: Jiong Jiong You Yao


“Can you tell how perverted Si Ye Han’s taste is?” Is he still after me in this state?” When she woke up, she saw herself in the mirror with an explosive wig, tattoos, and demon-like makeup. If anyone looked at her for more than a second, their eyes would burn.

demon slaying manhua
Comic Recommendation(Tap to Read)

She was in love with a different guy before her rebirth, so all she wanted to do was get away from Si Ye Han, whom she despised after being imprisoned by him. However, She regarded him differently after her rebirth, believing that he had changed for the better. Her mind had been jumbled in the past. She lost a beautiful husband like Si Ye Han, and was harmed by a jerk and backstabber, and, most importantly, was brainwashed by her most trusted friend.

She was completely alone in the end. There are evil people plotting and waiting for her demise in her current lifetime. Sorry, but this girl isn’t going to fall for the same old tricks!


The understanding between the ML and the FL seems a little shaky initially but it soon stabilizes when our lively Wanwan (FL) manages to soften the edges of the King of Hell. Their reactions are hilarious and the art is also great. Moreover, I liked the fact that this story doesn’t make the FL a weak little lamb who has to wait for her male counterpart to rescue herself. She schemes and wiggles her way through difficulties on her own.

Comic: Webnovel

Novel Status: Completed

Novel: Webnovel (English)

Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard

Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard

Progress: 146 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: Passion Honey


Her fiancé ran off with his mistress the night before their wedding. She grabbed the man in front of the Civil Affairs Office out of frustration “President Mo, your bride is still missing, and my groom has fled… May I suggest that we tie the knot?”

“Even if we shared the same bed, nothing would happen between us!” she said before they married. “How would we know if we don’t try?” he said after his marriage.


As evident from the synopsis, the FL (Tang Ning) is a strong woman. She never fails to make her enemies fall into their own schemes and finally get f*cked up for good. She is my personal favorite because reading about her always makes me believe that not every woman needs a man. Her relationship with the ML is very strong. They are the true Power couple, no doubt. An enjoyable read, especially for people who are tired of a damsel in distress FL. Last but not the least, the artist has done a very fine job in their drawing.

web novel romance
Hot Romance Recommendation(Tap to Read)

Novel Status: Completed

Novel: Webnovel (English), Qidian (Chinese) [1274 Chapters]

Beauty and the Beasts

Progress: 262 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: White-Headed Dream


 As soon as she fell into the world of beastmen, a leopard forcibly took her back to his home. Indeed, Bai QingQing is at a complete and utter loss. The males in this world are all handsome beyond compare, while the women are all so horrid that even the gods shudder at their sight. As a first-rate girl from the modern world (she’s even a quarter Russian) Bai QingQing finds herself sitting at the center of a harem filled with beautiful men — at the very peak of existence.


Comic: Webnovel

Novel Status: Translation Ongoing (1390 chapters) / Completed Raw

Novel: Webnovel (English), Yunqi (Chinese) [1664 Chapters]

my beautiful time with you comics

My Beautiful Time With You

Progress: 197 chapters (Completed)

Author: Ye Fei Ye


Lin Jiage has only ever desired two things in life: Shi Yao and spending time with her. Lin Jiage has had something he wants to tell Shi Yao for a long time. He doesn’t have the good fortune to say it to her until many years later: There is nothing in this world more beautiful… than my beautiful time with you.


The author, who is known for her anxiety-packed novels like Bringing The Nation’s National Husband Home (also adapted into a comic), finally brings us a cute and lovely story with Shi Yao (FL) and Lin Jiage (ML). In the words of another reviewer, the FL is adorable while the ML is adorkable, to which I agree wholeheartedly. Moreover, paired with a lovely art style, the quality of the comic just goes up to ten notches. Heavily recommended!

Comic: Webnovel

Novel Status: Translation Dropped (430 chapters) / Completed Raw

Novel: Webnovel (English), Qidian (Chinese) [1135 Chapters]

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(Part 2) [Male Targeted]

solo leveling manhua

Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling)

Progress: 163 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: Chu Gong


Sung Jin-Woo was the weakest of all the Hunters, barely able to make a living in this world where Hunters with various magical powers battle monsters from invading the defenseless humanity.

However, a mysterious System bestows upon him the power of the ‘Player’, launching him on an incredible and often perilous journey.

Follow Sung Jin-Woo as he embarks on an adventure to become an unrivaled existence through his world-exclusive “Level-Up” system!


Comic: Webnovel

Novel Status: Completed

Novel: Webnovel (English),  Kakao (Korean) [270 Chapters]

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cultivation chat group manhua

Cultivation Chat Group

Progress: 366 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: Legend of the Paladin


Song Shuhang joined an online chat group full of Xianxia-obsessed chuunis by accident one day. They referred to each other as “fellow daoists,” had strange usernames, and one even called their pet “demon dog.”

Shuhang, on the other hand, came to a realization later. The group’s other members were actual cultivators—the kind that can move mountains and live for thousands of years!


Prepare to laugh out loud. This is a hilarious comic. There’s cultivation, fights, adventures, and mysteries, but this manhwa’s sole purpose is to make us laugh.

A college student is accidentally added to a chat group full of cultivators, ranging from casual cultivators to sect leaders. What do you think a normal person would think? Our MC had the same thought: these people are delusional.

From there starts a great comedy adventure following our MC to the world of cultivation to achieve immortality.

Every chapter is jam-packed with laugh-out-loud moments. The artwork is also excellent.

Comic: Webnovel

Novel Status: Translation Ongoing (1643 chapters) / Completed Raw

Novel: Webnovel (English), Qidian (Chinese) [3173 Chapters]

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release that witch manhua

Release That Witch

Progress: 246 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: Er Mu


A modern-day engineer is transported to another world, where he is transformed into a prince.

His surroundings are akin to medieval Europe, but not identical. Witches do exist in this world, and they have real magical abilities! Magical abilities… that can be put to good use! It is necessary to save the witches. Their abilities must be released! We must open our map, battle demons, unearth the conspiracy, and scale the technological tree!


Chen Yan, a Chinese mechanical engineer who died as a result of overwork, is transported into the body of Roland, a useless Prince. The story takes place in a medieval world filled with magic, witches, and other fantastical elements. Roland is unable to use magic, wield a sword, or fight, but he is capable of building guns, cannons, and a variety of other technologies. In this comic, we follow Roland as he begins his quest to win the throne and save the witches from the Church using his modern-day knowledge.

This manhwa has Romance and Ecchi, as well as great art, a solid story, and development.

Comic: Webnovel

Novel Status: Completed

Novel: Webnovel (English), Qidian (Chinese) [1498 Chapters]

best gaming manhua and anime The King's Avatar

The King’s Avatar

Progress: 53 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: Butterfly Blue


He is known as the best of the best in the online game Glory. He is, however, expelled from his team for a variety of reasons. He finds a simple job at an internet cafe now that he is no longer a member of the professional league.

However, with ten years of experience, he returns to the game when Glory launches its tenth server. He sets out on a journey back to the very top, clutching his memories of the past and an unfinished custom weapon in his hand.


I’m not a huge fan of gaming-themed comics, but one of my favorites is The King’s Avatar. The author’s meticulous attention to detail was my favorite aspect of this book. The settings and mechanics of the game are described so thoroughly that it appears to be a real game. The plot is well-balanced, as are the game elements.

The personalities of the other characters are given to them in a realistic manner. Also excellent is world-building.

Anyone who enjoys gaming-themed comics with slice-of-life elements, high-quality plot, and narration should read these Comics.

Comic: Webnovel

Novel Status: Completed

Novel: Webnovel (English), Qidian (Chinese) [1729 Chapters]

Tales of demons and gods on webnovel

Tales of Demons and Gods

Progress: 556 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: Mad Snail


Because of the Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, a warp in space-time occurred, and Ni Li, who should have died in an ambush by God-rank Demon Beasts, awoke in a classroom. He’d reverted to the 13-year-old version of himself. Everything had been restored to its original state. What will he do now to protect his true love?


It’s an excellent manhwa with fantastic artwork. It has amazing world-building and plot development. The characters, as well as the Power system, have been carefully considered.

This Comic contains Harem, Ecchi, and Romance along with action and adventures.

Comic: Webnovel

Novel Status: Translation/Raw Ongoing (496 chapters)

Novel: Webnovel (English), Qidian (Chinese) [496 Chapters]

versatile mage comics

Versatile Mage

Progress: 693 Chapters (Ongoing)

Author: Chaos


Our protagonist, Mo Fan, receives a magical necklace, and the next day, he discovers that the world has changed. Magic is now taught in his high school, and students are encouraged to try to become accomplished magicians. A world that was once based on science is now based on magic. However, some things haven’t changed. He still has a teacher who sees him as a hopeless student, classmates who look alike, a father who struggles to make ends meet, and a half-sister who can’t walk on her own.

Mo Fan, on the other hand, discovers that the vast majority of magicians can only use one type of magic. But, as luck would have it, he’s an exception- a versatile mage!


A fine manhwa with a slow pace at the beginning along with great art, amazing action, and adventure. If you are someone who loves the main character shocking people with his powers, and someone who likes to see the main character fight for his own belief, this is the story for you.

Comic: Webnovel

Novel Status: Translation Ongoing  (2137 chapters) / Raw Ongoing (3233 chapters)

Novel: Webnovel (English), Qidian (Chinese) [3233 Chapters]

Thanks for reading. These are all the best manhuas and manhwas on Webnovel worth reading. You can read them free for certain chapters.

What do you think about the Chinese Comics on the list? Do comment. We will love to hear your thoughts.

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