16 Best New Manhua To Read In 2023

With an endless wave of creativity, the world of manhua Chinese comics – continues to unveil hidden gems that redefine the boundaries of storytelling and artistry. As we delve into the midway point of 2023, a fresh wave of stories and breathtaking artistry has emerged, promising not to disappoint the fans.

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Welcome to our curated list of the Best New Manhua to Read in 2023 – a list designed to help you navigate through the latest Chinese comics universe.

Best New Manhua to Read

Best New Manhua to Read in 2023

Alter Gender Wonderland: I Woke Up as a Girl Magnet

Alter Gender Wonderland: I Woke Up as a Girl Magnet

Alter Gender Wonderland: I Woke Up as a Girl Magnet is a manhua about Zhang Hao, who wakes up in an upside-down world following a rare blood moon event.

In this world, traditional gender norms and roles have been completely reversed: women are the breadwinners and men are the stay-at-home husbands; women are expected to propose and pay dowries, while men are socially stigmatized if they make the first move. In this society, women without assets like cars or houses find it difficult to find partners.

Zhang Hao, however, refuses to be supported by women and aims to reclaim his masculinity in this topsy-turvy world. The comic follows his journey as he strives to hold onto his identity as a man amid various challenges and temptations.

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The Divine Urban Physician

The Divine Urban Physician

The Divine Urban Physician is an action Chinese comic that tells the story of Ye Chen. Five years prior, the Ye family was wiped out, and Ye Chen was lost. However, he returns five years later possessing remarkable and potent cultivation power.

His return is marked by his determination to shake the heavens and cause the earth to tremble. He aims to control everything and establish himself at the pinnacle of the world.

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Upgrade Completed, Captain

Upgrade Completed, Captain

Upgrade Completed, Captain is a manhua set in the Interstellar Age, where warships represent the highest form of violence. The protagonist, Wang Dou, time travels 20 years into the past and prepares himself to encounter numerous unknown civilizations. His mission is to collect their source points to increase his own power.

A unique system aids him, allowing him to select from a range of warships and modules, as opposed to others who receive them randomly. Armed with this second life and powerful system, Wang Dou aims to become unbeatable. His ultimate goal is to use the universe’s most powerful warship to force those who resist into submission.

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Breaking Through the Calamity

Breaking Through the Calamity

Breaking Through the Calamity is a cultivation-oriented webcomic, in a world where the path to immortality has been severed. The protagonist, Lu Cheng, is a cursed traveler who uniquely attracts trials or tests.

On the brink of death, a mysterious system activates, instilling in him a determination to grow stronger, alter his fate, and level up by overcoming these trials. These include the sun trial, the moon trial, and the death trial (But is this the end?). It’s uncertain whether these trials conclude his journey or mark the beginning of a new life. Lu Cheng’s journey toward immortal cultivation commences from these trials.

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Chronicles of the Demon Faction

Chronicles of the Demon Faction

Chronicles of the Demon Faction is an action, adventure, and fantasy Manhua. It tells the story of Chun Hajin, the strongest assassin of the Orthodox Murim’s Righteous Heavenly Alliance. In a twist of fate, Hajin loses his life while trying to escape and find freedom.

However, he is reincarnated into the body of the third young master of the Demonic Cult, the public enemy of the Murim he used to serve. Now, with a new identity, he embarks on a conquest of the Demonic Murim. The story details the journey of Hajin as he navigates through this dramatic change in life, leveraging his strength and capabilities from his previous life.

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Sword Demon Island

Sword Demon Island manhua

Sword Demon Island is an ongoing action-adventure fantasy manhua that was released in 2023. The story revolves around the character Sim Ho who lived in the peaceful village of Baekriju during the peak of The Great Demon War, a conflict between the Justice Alliance and the Heavenly Demon Coalition. When he was twelve years old, Sim Ho was caught up in a plot by Jegal Hwi to take over his village.

Subsequently, he was taken to The Cheonil Plain, the frontline of the war. In a desperate battle there, Sim Ho was saved by a group called The Black Ox fighters and then joined their ranks. The plot traces his journey as he learns martial arts to become a powerful warrior with the intent to return to his home, Baekriju. As of the last update, there are 23 chapters published.

Versatile Martial Arts Ace

Versatile Martial Arts Ace chinese comics

The story revolves around a young man named Xia Tian, who gains X-ray vision and uses this newfound ability to make a comeback in life. He learns martial arts under a master and befriends antique appraisers. Over time, he becomes stronger and evolves into a versatile martial arts ace.

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My Disciples Are All Big Villains

My Disciples Are All Big Villains

Lu Zhou wakes up to find himself as the world’s most powerful demonic patriarch, along with his nine evil disciples who have become notorious worldwide. However, all eight of his disciples want him dead due to the severe torture they endured during their childhood. Several orthodox sects join forces to kill the demonic ancestor, and a fierce battle ensues between the top 10 masters of the world and the demonic ancestor.

The protagonist’s soul enters the demonic ancestor’s body, acquiring a plug-in system to cultivate and make all nine disciples loyal to him. However, the demonic ancestor takes his nine disciples based on the starting word of a modern-day poem from the protagonist’s world.

The protagonist is puzzled as to how a poem from his world could exist in this cultivation world, and why the demonic ancestor chose his disciples based on their name rather than their talent. However, the disciples become incredibly powerful under the demonic ancestor’s tutelage, and the protagonist realizes that he does not have access to all of the demonic ancestor’s powers.

I recommend reading the web novel over the comic because the comic has many information and moments omitted. Read My Disciples Are All Big Villains Novel

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I Returned Home to Inherit Billions of Fortunes after Losing My Job

I Returned Home to Inherit Billions of Fortunes after Losing My Job

The comic revolves around the protagonist, Luo Qiao, who chooses to inherit the massive fortune that her father earned after she was forced to leave her career in showbiz. Despite facing backlash from haters who deny her fortune and accuse her of using a male star’s popularity, Luo Qiao’s biological lineage is confirmed by the CEO of Luo Group.

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World Defying Dan God

World Defying Dan God

The story revolves around an initially talentless protagonist who, by a stroke of luck, stumbles upon two wounded damsels. His rescue act rewards him with the power to evolve into a formidable cultivator. These intriguing and attractive women become his guides, imparting knowledge on combat techniques and the art of creating medicinal pills.

The plot typically and repeatedly explores themes of provocation and payback. The previously oppressed protagonist rapidly acquires strength, obliterating anyone who attempts to block his path. Simultaneously, he captivates the hearts and minds of numerous women, becoming a focal point of their affection and interest.

Heaven’s Devourer

Heaven’s Devourer manhua

The story takes place in the Yanhuang Ancient Domain, a vast universe that has produced many Celestials and Demons, all with the capability to warp Yin and Yang. The present era sees the prosperity of Celestial Daoism, with thousands of Divine techniques shaping the Heavens, and numerous mortals striving to become Celestials.

The protagonist, the Prince Heir of the kingdom East Yue Wu Wu Yu, inherits the legacy of the Battle Celestial of the East in a challenging situation, enabling him to rise against the Heavens and become a renowned figure. Seen by mortals, he is the Sovereign Emperor Celestial, but in the eyes of the Celestials and Buddhas of Heaven, he is seen as a peerless Heaven-devouring Demon.

I’m Not a Villain

I'm Not a Villain manhua

The comic I’m Not a Villain published by Webnovel Comics revolves around a world dominated by unknown terror. In order to survive, a group of awakened individuals decides to fight back.

The story follows Yi Lin, an unlucky man who, despite not having the chance to be a hero, manages to kill the final boss and is subsequently betrayed. However, he is reborn with the powers of a villainous boss. This transformation turns him into the mortal enemy of numerous gods and demons. The comic explores Yi Lin’s journey as he faces the consequences of his newfound abilities and becomes a formidable force.

Star Prison

Star Prison manhua

Star Prison is a manhua (Chinese comic) that falls under the genres of Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and Sci-fi. The story revolves around Li Tianlang, a high school student who is secretly known as Queqiu Tianlang, one of the initiators of the third cosmic war.

Previously, he fought against the star officials but was defeated and became a prisoner. Now, he is tasked with protecting the Earth from the invasion of Karma. Despite enduring 1500 years of oppression, he eagerly awaits the opportunity for revenge.

Bowblade: The Descendants of Bowblade

Bowblade: The Descendants of Bowblade

The comic series Bowblade: The Descendants of Bowblade is an ongoing action-adventure story set in a fantasy world. The main character, Eulji So Moon, has aged and become a grandfather. He sends his mischievous grandson on a joyful trip to Zhongyuan to save the fallen Namgung family clan and help them regain their former glory. The comic is a sequel to Bowblade Spirit and follows the journey of Eulji Ho as he embarks on his mission.

My Cute Imperial Princess Consort

My Cute Imperial Princess Consort manhua comedy

My Cute Imperial Princess Consort is a Chinese Manhua set in ancient times. The story revolves around Xiao Xixi, who time travels back to become one of the concubines of the crown prince. While the imperial harem struggles begin, Xiao Xixi prefers to live a carefree life and enjoy food rather than compete for the crown prince’s favor. However, unexpectedly, the cold crown prince falls in love with her.

In conclusion, the year 2023 promises an exciting array of captivating manhua (Chinese comics) that push the boundaries of storytelling and showcase breathtaking artistry. From gender-reversed societies in Alter Gender Wonderland: I Woke Up As A Girl Magnet to cultivation trials in Breaking Through The Calamity, and thrilling adventures in Sword Demon Island, these manhua offer something for every reader.

Whether you’re drawn to action, fantasy, romance, or comedy, the curated list of the Best New Manhua to Read in 2023 provides a diverse selection of captivating stories. Immerse yourself in these hidden gems and explore the vibrant world of Chinese comics.

Do comment your favorite manhua this year! and do comment if I missed your favorite manhua.

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