The Genius Wizard Who Takes Medicine Review

The Genius Wizard who takes Medicine

You were customizing your character in the new version of the game called World 3.0. The game has introduced a system which in turn for your disabilities and defects strengthens your abilities and talents.

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So in exchange for Magical talents you have acquired insomnia, sexual dysfunctions, a weak body, etc. You are impressed because the character you designed has amazing abilities and talents and you won’t need to care about the disabilities because it’s not like you have those problems, right?

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The Genius Wizard who takes Medicine Review

world of The Genius Wizard who takes Medicine


The Genius Wizard Who Takes Medicine (약먹는 천재마법사) is an action Korean web novel written by 글근육. This novel is set in a cyberpunk-like world where chaos is everywhere. People have superhuman abilities, some can use magic and some use advanced technology. The world is chaotic filled with corrupt governments, and various organizations each with its greediness and plans.

I have read up to 80 chapters out of 120 translated chapters (800+ chapters ongoing) and the world is still a mystery.

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Main Character

Our main character, Lennok, finds himself as the game character he developed. He is in a factory where people are forced to work day and night. Likewise, Lennok has to work to the bone with his weak body. He hasn’t slept many nights due to insomnia.

He finds himself just a few steps away from death. He has to break out of the factory but he knows nothing about this new world. With a calm and intelligent mind, Lennok starts planning to break out of the factory.

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Lennok is calm, and intelligent and always calculates his moves before any action. He is not afraid of taking risks or lives. He appears to be cold outside but we readers can follow his emotions concisely. His talent as a wizard has no limits, and he can create low-level spells. But have no doubt, Powerful enemies are defeated by him using those spells.

Lennok, in such a chaotic world, starts weak and slowly gains strength and makes a name for himself but he is still unable to do anything about his weak body except make and eat healthy food and medicines from time to time. Hence the name of the novel, The Genius Wizard Who Takes Medicine.

Story Development

If we were to discuss the story development, the world is slowly revealed to the main character as well as the readers. The story is filled with action. There are many fights between the main character and other characters.

One good thing about this novel is that the main character doesn’t always win. He learns from those losses and becomes more stronger. The fight scenes are easier to follow and since the spells are mostly low-level level we can imagine in our mind how those spells will work most of the time.

One thing I didn’t like about the story is its side characters. They are not fleshed out and they appear from time to time in the story but we don’t know much about them. While it doesn’t take away the immersion from the story, I wish we get to have one or two side characters who are fleshed out.

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The action-packed novel, The Genius Wizard Who Takes Medicine, is a great choice for readers who love intense fight scenes and thrilling battles. With vivid descriptions and engaging characters, this novel will impress everyone who likes action-filled novels.

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