Web Novels With Science For Big Brains

Web Novels With Science For Big Brains

Web Novels With Science

Not every writer can successfully blend complex elements of physics and chemistry into their web novels, while still maintaining an engaging storyline.

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There are those readers who appreciate these novels for their scientific accuracy, and then there are those who enjoy them for their riveting storylines, even if the scientific nuances fly over their heads.

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I belong to both camps: While in the first parts of the story, I could mostly follow the scientific threads and appreciate their integration. However, in the middle or later parts, there comes a time when I am swept away by the story itself, despite not fully comprehending the scientific content.

Regardless of which group you align with, it’s always fascinating when an author attempts to weave and explain scientific knowledge within the context of fantastical settings like a power system.

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Let’s delve into a couple of novels that deeply intrigued me, where I sometimes found myself adrift in scientific complexity, yet continued reading for the sheer allure of the story.

Throne of Magical Arcana

Throne of Magical Arcana

Penned by the same author as my favorite novel, Lord of The Mysteries, Throne of Magical Arcana unfolds a magical world governed by the Church and Sorcerers, each with its unique power system.

The protagonist, Lucien, is transported from the contemporary world to this harsh magical medieval realm, starting as an individual with no family, money, power, or talent. As he adapts to his new surroundings, he is exposed to various powers and the ensuing struggles for dominance.

lucien casting magical spells

What sets this web novel apart is the incorporation of science in the story. It was genuinely intriguing to see how seamlessly physics and chemistry concepts were woven into the magic system. Imagine a sorcerer applying scientific principles to cast spells.

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As the story progress, we could see how the exploration of molecules, light’s dual properties, electrons, and more, is truly probed and how the author incorporates this knowledge to create new spells.

Armed with modern knowledge from a ‘cheat’ library, Lucien doesn’t hoard this knowledge, instead sharing it gradually. From Organic Chemistry to Nuclear Physics, Calculus to Topology, Astrology to General Relativity, and Field Theory to Quantum Physics, Lucien “discovers” these theories through mathematics and substantiates them with experiments, sharing the results with others.

It’s always captivating when Lucien introduces fresh concepts, blowing his fellow sorcerers’ heads in the process (Literally).

lucien playing music in Throne of magical arcana

In addition to science, music also plays a significant role in the story. Moreover, the romance in this novel unfolds organically.

Regardless of your familiarity with the scientific details, I assure you, you won’t regret delving into this novel.

Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

The Scholar’s Advanced Technological System diverges significantly from Throne of Magical Arcana, striving for realism. The author explores the implications of technological advancement, its societal impact, political maneuvering, and the future’s trajectory.

Unlike Throne of Magical Arcana, where scientific content emerges midway, Scholar’s Advanced Technological System is saturated with physics and chemistry knowledge from the outset. The author embraces complexity, presenting well-researched and logical explanations.

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As a science student, I appreciated the author’s reasoning and logic, which felt concise initially, but grew more advanced as I continued reading. Despite some concepts eluding me, I still found the novel enjoyable.

The novel is set in contemporary times. This novel attempts to depict how the future might evolve in areas like aerospace, renewable energy, and more, against the backdrop of political struggle among global superpowers.

There’s a cameo of various scientists as well such as Elon Musk.

One potential downside is overt nationalism favoring China while casting the USA in a negative light. Although this aspect is subtle at first, it becomes more pronounced and somewhat irritating in later parts.

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As the novel progresses, it reaches a point where current research hits a ceiling. However, this doesn’t hinder the author’s imagination.

Another gripe I had with this novel is the forced avoidance of romantic relationships by the main character. While humorous at first, it becomes tiresome as the author persistently keeps the protagonist single.

Regardless, based on the 1000 chapters I’ve read, I would recommend Scholar’s Advanced Technological System to anyone intrigued by technology and engaging storylines. Even if you don’t understand every technical detail, the plot remains compelling and immersive.

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