What did I read this Week #2? [August 2 to August 8]

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Weekly Series #2 [ August 2 to August 8 ]

This week most of the time I read slice of life romance novels.

1. Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble [ Novel ]

This Korean novel is good. This is about a Noble who sleeps all day and does nothing. However, when he sees a man in his dream swinging sword daily without any stop. Our protagonist gets the determination to take the sword in his hand. When he goes to the academy, he finds out he has no talent in sword whatsoever and has a weak body. However, with determination and hard work, he defeats the geniuses and make everyone admire him.

This story has its heart warming and sweet moments.

2. Cradle [ Novel ]

I have read only few chapters of his cultivation story Cradle. However, I can tell that this story is gonna get amazing as I read further. The world building, the characters, the dialogues, the power system, the fashion and cultures of the world in this story is unlike any other cultivation story I have read. All are properly defined and developed. The writing is of high quality.

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3. Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau [ Novel ]

This short romance novel is unlike any romance novel I have read. This novel is heart warming, and sweet. The chemistry between the main lead is amazing and their interaction are funny.

4. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint [ Manhwa ]

After dropping the novel because it felt really really boring to read, I picked up the this manhwa only to become bored and also dropped the manhwa. I am not sure how others find it good, It’s really boring read to me.

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