Best Web Novels 2022 Summarized

Hello Everyone, In this article, I will try to summarize how 2022 has been for Web novels.

Due to jobs and studies, I haven’t been so active this year so I might miss some things, do let me know in the comments.

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Let’s get started.

Web Novels 2022 Summarized

web novels 2022 summarized

WuxiaWorld Implemented New System

Source: WuixaWorld Annoucement

Despite the assurances of the CEO that nothing would change after the acquisition of Wuxiaworld, it seems that many things have indeed changed. The new system in place has made it difficult for readers to fully enjoy the content as they are limited in their daily reading.

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Additionally, the ability to stack chapters and read them all at once has been removed. While it is commendable that Wuxiaworld has achieved such a significant milestone, it is disappointing to see these changes implemented.

You guys helped make Wuxiaworld what it is, and I will ensure that you always have a home here

We have become homeless now that there’s a new system in place that limits daily reading. Most importantly, We cannot stack the chapter like before and read them all in one go.

Source: Reddit

Anyway, Congrats WuxiaWorld for the huge achievement. Bring more good novels.

Numbers Up, Quality Down

It’s a shame that this year so many web novels on Webnovel, the biggest platform for web novels, lacked substance and were purely for wish fulfillment. The translation and editing were often poor, giving the impression that they’ve been machine translated. Same for original works as well. They had bad grammar and writing. Even low-rating novels on RoyalRoad have better writing, story, and character development.

Examples of these hollow stories include I Pick Up A Bunch Of Attributes, Blood Warlock, The Bloodline System, My Clones Cultivated Low-Grade Martial Arts Until They Became Immortal Martial Arts, and Journey of fate destroying emperor.

There have been hundreds of Web novels from Webnovel and Wuxiaworld but their quality is so-so.

While it’s true that these novels may initially seem popular and good, they quickly become dull due to a lack of planning, wordiness, and lack of development.

Many may wonder why these novels are popular despite their poor quality. The answer is simple: authors on Webnovel understand the market and target their writing accordingly. Furthermore, Webnovel has become a gateway for Western readers to get hooked on Wuxia and Xianxai stories, so there is no shortage of readers.

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How to get Successful in Webnovel?

If you want to be successful on Webnovel, all you have to do is choose a nonsensical title with a smutty cover, write a synopsis filled with over-the-top promises, and delete any negative reviews. Voila! You’ll have a best-selling novel in no time. Just make sure the cover has nothing to do with the actual story, and you’ll be set. Who needs substance or well-developed characters when you have ero scenes and a harem?

The authors have mastered the formula to attract the readers.

Here’s the Step by Step Guide on How to Be Successful in Webnovel

  1. Choose a long name with Ero, Harem, and System in it (Like Supreme Harem God System, Talent Swallowing System, Dual Cultivation, 500th Time Reborn, A World Only Known By Women: The Karma System, etc)
  2. Choose an Ero, Hot Cover for your Novels.

Here’s another important note. The cover must not have anything to do with the novel.

3. Now comes the important part- In the synopsis, (if you think you haven’t made MORE clear in the title and cover), mention that there are many ero scenes, many girls, edgy, OP MC, and whatever trending these days.

Here are some examples:

Being married to the 7 goddesses of this world, Aditya walks on a path to prove himself to his wives and to his family.

“Goddess of War”
“Goddess of Alchemy”
“Goddess of Wealth”
“Goddess of Wisdom”
“Goddess of Lust”
“Goddess of Music”
“Goddess of Nature”
Genre: – Romance, Harem, R-18, Cultivation, Kingdom building, Rare Bloodline, conquer, lightnovel, action, adventure, evolution, system, levelup, transmigration.

Dragon Monarch System 

Novel: Naked Sword Art

4. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Be Sure to Delete all the Negative Reviews.

The same is the case with translated web novels nowadays. There are not much of good novels lately. Many are looking forward to good if not decent novels like Release That Witch, I’m Really A Superstar, Lord of the Mysteries, I Shall Seal The Heavens, etc but haven’t been able to get those yet. Maybe that’s why Webnovel is focusing too much on Original Works.

Those low-quality stories may attract readers but it is only for a short time as the readers will then get bored and search for web novels with substance.

This is also why many stories from RoyalRoad have also been put their stories on Webnovel. Not for the contract offered by Webnovel but for the readers mainly.

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RoyalRoad and Amazon

This year I discovered hidden gems from RoyalRoad and Amazon. I got to know that other than Webnovel and Wuxiaworld, there are various amazing novels on these two platforms.

RoyalRoad and Amazon are both popular platforms for writers to share and publish their stories. However, gaining popularity on these platforms can be challenging, as the requirements for success are high. Writers need to pay attention to their writing, plot, grammar, and characters in order to succeed.

On both platforms, reviews cannot be deleted and reviewers can be harsh in their criticism. This can be a valuable learning experience for writers, as it allows them to understand the expectations of their audience and improve their skills.

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To succeed on RoyalRoad and Amazon, writers need to be consistent and honest with their stories and themselves. They also need to have patience, as fame and success on these platforms do not happen overnight.

However, once these stories blow up, success is within the reach.

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Recommended 2022 Stories from Amazon and RoyalRoad

Jackal Among Snakes

Jackal Among Snakes

This web novel is similar to Night Ranger and The Legendary Mechanic in that the main characters are transmigrated into a game-like environment and must survive. However, the main focus of Jackal Among Snakes is on political intrigues and character development, rather than just action and adventure.

By the way, Night Ranger and The Legendary Mechanic are MUST-read web novels.

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The Systemic Lands

The Systemic Lands

A litRPG web novel where Michael and other people get transported to a fake world. Micheal must learn to survive by any means necessary. There’s gore in the story whenever the story demands. I won’t say it’s good but it is a decent read.

Paranoid Mage

Paranoid Mage royalroad

In this story, Callum has always been able to see monsters and other supernatural creatures living among people. However, he has learned to keep this a secret in order to avoid being thought of as crazy. It turns out that the supernatural is real, and Callum discovers that he is a mage. However, he does not want to be a part of the secret world of magic and resists the requirements and duties that come with being a mage.

I have yet to read this so can’t say if it is good but it has good ratings on RoyalRoad.

Saving Supervillains

saving supervillains

In this story, a former villain named Miles is living a quiet life among the masses. He has a secret power that makes him the most powerful super in existence. When a young woman with uncontrolled superpowers needs his help, she pulls him into the Bureau of Superheroes. Miles then uses his power to start saving supervillains.

This is a harem story.

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Apocalypse Core

Apocalypse Core

The story is about a disaster that destroys almost everything alive and puts the survivors in a game-like environment where they must fight monsters and each other. The protagonist has knowledge of martial arts and a special Chi skill and uses this to become powerful. The story has elements of western cultivation fantasy, gamelit, and LitRPG.

Now Let’s discuss 2022 translated Web Novels

Recommended 2022 Web Novels

Embers Ad Infinitum

embers ad infinitum ending cover

I know Embers Ad Infinitum is a novel from 2021 but I wanted to discuss the ending that’s why I am mentioning it here.

For those who don’t know about this novel, EAI ended this year.

Here’s a short summary.

Embers Ad Infinitum is a post-apocalyptic novel written by the author of Lord of the Mysteries. It follows a group of characters as they explore a dangerous world and try to uncover the cause of the old world’s destruction. The world is full of gods, awakened humans, factions, monsters, and other threats. The main characters are weak but use teamwork and planning to overcome their opponents. The novel is praised for its unique main characters, well-executed power system, adventure, action, and mysteries.


I was somewhat disappointed by the ending of Embers Ad Infinitum, as I was hoping for a happy ending despite knowing that there would be some bitter deaths along the way. However, when I finished the novel, all I got was a neutral ending. While I was initially sad, I came to appreciate the journey that the story took me on.

The various cultures, different people, amazing teamwork, the main character’s humorous antics, the fights, and the various adventures all made it an 8/10 novel for me. Unlike LOTM, EIA focuses on teamwork and planning and shows how strategic thinking can overcome enemies no matter the kind of power enemies possesses and how powerful s/he is.

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Kidnapped Dragons

kidnapped dragons

Another decent novel that ended this year. I won’t say it is as good as EIA but it is worth the read.

In this story, the planet Earth has entered an apocalypse and the main character, Yu Jitae, has failed to save it. The Authority, Vintage Clock (EX), rewinds the world’s time and brings Yu Jitae back in time whenever he dies. Despite his strength, he is unable to protect the Earth against the maddened dragons. However, in the 7th iteration of this scenario, Yu Jitae finally understands what is happening and sets out to try to save the world again.

The story features heartwarming slice-of-life moments and focuses on the relationships and growth of its characters. The protagonist, who is overpowered and has experienced multiple lives, has lost the ability to feel emotions. However, the author weaves various plots with many actions and adventures as they try to help the main character regain his emotions.

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The Villain Wants to Live

the villain wants to live

Another decent Korean Novel that got completed this year. I haven’t read till the end but from the first 80 chapters, It is 7/10 for me.

In this story, the main character has transmigrated into the body of a villain named Deculein, who is the mid-level boss of a company’s AAA game. Deculein dies in 999 out of the 1000 playthroughs of the game. The main character must navigate this situation and try to survive as Deculein.

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

In this story, the main character reads about the development of the heroine getting stolen away and leaves a malicious comment to the author. However, he later wakes up and finds himself in the body of the villain who is supposed to steal the heroine.

This is a great story with a unique main character, power system, action, and adventures. The main character feels real, the same with the heroines and other characters.

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Deep Sea Embers

deep sea embers web novel

I highly recommend this novel. It is, in my opinion, one of the best stories of 2022, with a similar feel to the popular novel “Lord of the Mysteries.” It is full of intriguing mysteries, horror elements, and references to gods, churches, hidden organizations, and other elements that keep you engaged and wanting more.

The plot is slowly revealed in a way that keeps you hooked, and the main character, Duncan, is a clever and humorous protagonist who has great potential for development. The side characters are also well-developed and add depth to the story. Overall, I would rate the first 100 chapters a strong 9 out of 10. Don’t miss out on this excellent read!

Keyboard Immortal

keyboard immortal

This novel from WuxiaWorld is a humorous and entertaining read, with plenty of comedic moments and a focus on cultivation and harem themes. While it does contain some cliches and tropes that may make it feel dull at times, the well-developed female characters and the amusing system that provides the main character with comedic “troll” items help to keep the story engaging.

The world is richly imagined, with various races in conflict and deep history to explore. Overall, the author does a good job balancing the various elements of the plot, including action, adventure, and harem elements. However, the harem aspect may be overwhelming at times, so it may be helpful to take a break and return to the story later.

Other Recommendations

  • The Legendary Mechanic (Completed, Highly Recommended. Read Review)
  • Let Me Game in Peace (Completed)
  • Love Letter From the Future
  • The Regressor and the Blind Saint
  • Van Gogh Reborn!
  • Damn Reincarnation

Let me know if I missed any good web novels.

Unfortunately, I have not read any new light novels that I would consider noteworthy, like the web novels mentioned above. However, I did read the new volumes of three light novels released this year: Classroom of The Elite, Overlord, and Jobless Reincarnation.

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Recommended Light Novels 2022

Classroom of The Elite

I found that the recently released volumes of COTE this year did not live up to the standards of previous ones. Personally, I preferred the Year One volumes. While the quality of the writing and other elements remained consistent, I found the pacing of the plot and development of the characters to be slower, which made the story less engaging for me. I was anticipating key moments in the storyline, but they took longer to arrive.

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I am disappointed with this novel because it had the potential to be great, with interesting characters and a grand story setup, but it ultimately fell flat for me. While the writing was enjoyable to read, I was left wondering what the purpose was of all the events and actions that took place, and where the author was ultimately taking the story. It felt like there was no clear motivation or direction, which left me feeling unfulfilled.

Jobless Reincarnation

This novel has been an action-packed, emotional rollercoaster with heartwarming moments and unexpected twists. The new volumes were full of these exciting and poignant moments, and the harem aspect was handled very well. Overall, I am a huge fan of this novel and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Other Recommendations

  • The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten (wholesome series- Review)
  • BLADE & B.A.S.T.A.R.D: Warm ash, Dusky dungeon

Other Novel Series Recommendations

Here are other series recommendations which don’t have anything to do with 2022 but it’s the series I read this year. So Here are the popular recommendations.

The Author’s POV

the author's pov web novel cover

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Shadow Slave

shadow slave review

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Supreme Magus

supreme magus review

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Stealing Spree

stealing spree harem web novel

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This is all for this article. Let me know if there were any good novels from the 2022 year that I missed mentioning in this article.

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